Bringing power tools back to life?

I’ve been having some trouble with my power tools lately. During use, several of them have cut out. After checking GFI and trying different outlets I have not been able to bring them back online. I have a grinder, table saw, router and now a jig saw that have cut out on me. I’m assuming that barring poltergeist activity I have some electrical problem that is affecting my tools. Do power tools have a fuse or reset button I could look for? Is there a way to tell if these tools are shot and need to be replaced?
I don’t have the make and model of these tools in front of me at the moment, but if it would help I can make a run out to the garage.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Are they plugged directly into the outlet or into an extension cord? I had a cord fail on me once.

I would be very surprised if all of those tools died at the same time. It is more likely that they are not getting power for some reason.

I’ve tried them in multiple outlets and haven’t had any luck so far…

I understand. To be clear, are they plugged directly into the outlets, or are they plugged into an extension cord that is plugged into the outlets? Are you sure the outlets are live? Have you checked your circuit breakers?

Are all the outlets on the same breaker? Test the outlets.

Well, that might work, too.

Yeah, since they’re all presumably out in the garage, they’re probably on the same circuit. Pither, are you using more than one at a time? If so, can the circuit support that much current?

ETA: Another possibility is they are on a GFCI circuit, and that’s tripping. It might be a GFCI somewhere else in the house. Our outdoor outlets and bathroom outlets are on the same GFCI circuit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the garage outlets are too.

how did you check the GFI?

if you checked a GFI receptacle with the test button, then did you do it more than once and reset it after the final test?

as mentioned are you plugging tools directly into receptacle.

a table saw might have a breaker/reset, maybe a router too; usually a larger tool likely to trip a circuit breaker.

You could not have that many non working tools all at once. Your power is faulty for some reason. Go next door to a neighbor and see if they work there. Bet they do.

Love my voltage detector. I came across the niftiest gadget for trouble shooting, a voltage detector. They work through the insulation of wires. There are several brands. I have a GB Instruments GVD-505A, less than $15 at Home Depot. Touch it to a hot wire, and the end glows red. Find the doodad that lights it on one side, and not the other, and you have the culprit. You do not have to open up housings and expose electrical contacts. You are looking at where your hand is, not where the meter is. Most people are capable of doing repairs and will get it going and not get hurt if they use a little sense. The voltage detector makes it even easier.

Jab it at a cord and it doesn’t light up, no power. Same with an outlet. You can even find a broken wire in a cord with it.

Are these variable speed or high speed motors with carbon brushes? If they’re above 3600RPM then maybe you have several dead motor brushes all at the same time. (Usually that ONLY goes for routers and hand drills, not table saw or bench grinder.)

Above 3600 RPM?

IOW a series-wound motor. Table saws and drill presses are more likely to have induction motors, which are limited to 3600 rpm on 60Hz AC (3450 in practice with slip.)

The odds of 4 power tools all dying at or about the same time, are pretty long.
I would look at your supply.
Before I rewired it, my garage was supplied by 1 15A circuit that had overhead wires across my backyard that had stretched, and were no longer anywhere near 14ga. I could barely turn on the lights in there.
Also your breaker might be going bad.
Take your router and jigsaw into the house and try a different circuit. If they don’t blow the breaker there, it is a power supply problem.

Thanks for all of the input everyone. A quick update:
The problem wasn’t in the receptacle or breaker –other tools plugged into the same outlet would work whereas the individual tool would not. After reading through the suggestions I decided to double-check just to be sure.
Plugged in the router-worked! Plugged in the grinder-didn’t work, but noticed frayed wires by the plug:smack:. Cut-out frayed wires and re-spliced plug –worked! Plugged in table saw, hit reset –worked! Went up into the attic for the jig saw, brought it into the garage and plugged it in –worked!
Other than the wires on the grinder, the only thing I can think of is that the tools were getting overheated during use and cut out? After cooling down they started working again.
I have to say I was really surprised when everything just started working again. I had initially tried the various tools after they had cooled down and had no luck. Or maybe I’m just remembering it that way and didn’t give them long enough. Then again, maybe the poltergeist gave up and left my tools alone?

Still a chance of short, bad breaker or other issue, so keep an eye on things.