Bringing the USS Cole home.

I was recently sent a JPG of the USS Cole on it’s trip home. It was placed on the back of a very large transport vessel named ‘Blue Marlin’. The Blue Marlin does not appear to be a USN ship, at least the logo on the back of it did not look to be military. I was wondering whos ship this was, the designed purpose of it, and it’s specs. I am guessing it was designed for construction of oil rigs, but being curious, I’d like to know for sure.
I did a quick search of the USCG registry, but didn’t find it.
Thanks for any help you can offer.

The Blue Marlin is one of a few ships in the world that would be capable of carrying the USS Cole the way that it is.

If you do a search on USS Cole here, you’ll find a thread where I posted a link to a very good picture of the ship in action. I’ve lost the picture and the link since then, or I’d post it again.

Wow, I blink and before I can supply a link, you guys already answer. The [iBlue Marlin* is owned by Offshore Heavy Transport which have some nifty animations on how the ship works. She’s flown under the Panamanian flag.

I’m in a good mood so I looked up smeg’s link.

Tip o’ the hat to CnoteChris.

Right on the money there my friends. That is the exact info I was looking for. Thanks much for the help.
(That is an awesome ship, aint it ?)