Brining: How much salt and water?

I’m going to attempt to brine a 3lb chiken and roast it. Never done it before. How much salt should I use in the water?

This is the brining recipe I have used to rousing success the last two times I hosted Thanksgiving. You can adjust the recipe to the proportions of your three pound bird (cut everything by four.)

skip the water. substitute for vodka. use salt.

Your basic brine is 1 cup of kosher salt to 1 gallon of water.
ivylass’ link is for the brine of the gods, from the other perfect master.
But if I am just doing a chicken for dinner, it’s 1 cup to 1 gallon.
If you want to get fancy, you can also add 1/2 cup brown sugar to the brine.

I prefer to brine by weight rather than recipe. Shoot for about a 3% salt and 1.5% sugar solution for a versatile brine. The way I do it is to put the chicken in a vessel, add water a cup at a time until it completely submerges the chicken, take the chicken out, add an ounce of salt & half an ounce of sugar for every 4 cups of water, stir to dissolve and then put the chicken back in.

No recipe, but a rule of thumb. Should be about as salty as seawater. I usually also add peppercorns, minced garlic, and some kind of herbage to the brine. Turns out very tasty, although I use it for pork more than chicken.

Here’s Nigella’s brine recipe for turkey. I’ve done this twice and it was spectacular each time.

The kosher salt is key - if you use an equivalent amount of table salt, the brine will be too salty.

I’m back!

I took some of the advice but had to omit some stuff because I didn’t have time to go out and buy it. In the end, it was regular salt, soy sauce, garlic, and pepper. I soaked it overnight then flipped it to the other side this morning and soaked until before dinner. Then I covered it with seasoning and threw it in the oven.

The chicken turned out great! Very flavorful, not too salty at all except for the drippings. I had to reroast it a little bit after finding out the middle was still red, but other than that it was great. I couldn’t get the bones to be consistent with store-bought softness and some of the tendons were still a little tough, but overall I’m really happy with the flavor. Thanks everybody for the help!