Britain looking for a court jester

It appears the Britain is looking to fill the position of Court Jester. Hear, hear! It’s about time that Monarch of the Realm and Court Jester were once again two separate positions!

Let the nominations begin. :smiley:

They can have Eddie Murphy. Anything to get him to stop making movies…

Gee, I’d’ve thought there’d’ve been more competition for this. Are none of our Brit-dopers going to volunteer? Come on, ladies and gents, this is for queen and country!

I really don’t want to know what a “bladder on a stick” is.

Exactly like it sounds.

Or stay local and keep Boy George on that side of the pond. Anything that keeps him off Broadway is fine by me.

A bladder on a stick is… wait for it… a bladder on a stick.

A bull’s bladder, washed and inflated like a balloon, tied to the end of a stick with a piece of string, used to bop people on the head with.

In other news, the Union of Amalgamated Jesters (or whatever they’re called) is up in arms, because they weren’t given any notice of the impending recruitment drive, and are all booked up and can’t audition without letting down their clients (I am not making this up).

Since the point of the jester is to prick the pomposity of the rulers of the country, to keep them I think we need a politically active person with a keen sense of wit. And I can’t think of any contemporary British comedians who fulfil this description. Political satire is going through a fallow period.

That said, the jester should be able to whack the Queen and Tony Blair with the bladder on the stick; indeed I think this should be mandatory, and would provide some great photo opportunities. This part of the duties I would happily perform myself.

Stephen Fry?

Rowan Atkinson?

Perhaps Mark Thomas (and I cannot provide a link 'cos two different browsers scrashed when I clicked on one - sorry) (For anyone else itm ight be safe to find a link - it’s just that the CelynComputer is old and termperamental, I think) :mad:

Or perhaps Rory Bremmner?
re. the bladder, I had a vague notion it was meant to be a pig’s bladder. Still, in order to avoid inadvertent offence to Hindus, Jainists, Jews, Moslems - maybe we need a sort of vegetarian version. :slight_smile: As long as said version wuld be heavy and dangerous enough to do some proper bopping.

If we’re lucky, a Yank named George will be looking for a new job in a few months.
He’s more than qualified! :smiley: