Britain's Got Talent: Next Paul Potts/Susan Boyle found?

I generally hate these shows but was shown this bit from the fist show of this season’s Britain’s Got Talent. Definitely worth a watch I think (jump to 1:45 if you want to skip the human interest lead in).

I agree with Simon (much as I hate to say it) that while Charlotte is good she is not in Jonathan’s league and might hold him back. That said I think Charlotte is a huge source of strength for Jonathan and I really doubt he’d ever have gotten there without her. Good character in the kid that he is sticking with her for the show.

When I was watching the show I knew that he was going to be “this year’s SuBo” from the build up, they even found a sallow faced girl in the audience rolling her eyes!

That being said, the lad has a fantastic voice!

I don’t think that girly hairstyle is doing him any favours. I thought he was a woman…

I just wonder what he should do with Charlotte?

Clearly they will stick together through the competition (which is as it should be) and I think it is clear she is a source of strength for him…something he needs at this point.

Still, you could see in the last few seconds of the linked clip she is clear he just became a rockstar (so to speak) and she is an also-ran.

There are moments where they seem to work well together but others where her singing seems at odds with his (and no, not vice-versa). Perhaps with some practice those rough edges can be smoothed out. I dunno.

I like her. I want success for her too but her partner is just in a different league at this point.

Great clip - thanks for sharing.
Regarding Charlotte being the weaker of the two - that is true.
However, they are only 16 and 17 years old, and my guess is they have not been professionally trained. Give her some training and I think she will get far better - so will he, but it isn’t a stretch to think they will both remain quite good together.
Besides, should they go all the way to win it, there is no law that says he can’t do some solo numbers (or be an understudy for Il Divo).

He has a beautiful voice. He looks like a large Weird Al Yankovic. :slight_smile:

Manipulative, cynical bullshit of the worst kind. I shouldn’t be surprised at what TV will sink to…and I’m not.

His voice is nice enough but that isn’t the point really is it? what bothers me is exploitative nature of these programs.
These are young people, probably ill-equipped to deal with what is headed their way and the production company is equally happy should they crash and burn or soar. And worse, they will ensure that one or the other happens for the sake of ratings and an extra dollar in Simon’s high-waisted back pocket.

You’d think the audience would have learned by now, wouldn’t you?

If he has any brains at all to go with that huge, amazing voice of his, he’ll do whatever it takes to marry that beautiful, talented girl.

I’d like to hear them singing separately, she seemed to have a reasonably good voice, but was clearly overshadowed by Jonathan’s voice. He may well be using her as a vocal crutch as he’s too shy about his size to stand on stage on his own…

Yeah, they do need to beware of cute editing!!

Poker face people! Poker face!!!

Simon Cowell engaged in manipulative bullshit? How unexpected. Next, you’ll be telling me that when the judges say that someone’s karaoke-quality rendition of some old pop tune is “the best they ever heard” they’re just lying in order to pump up eventual record sales and encourage the viewers to vote (at a few quid per phone vote, natch). Heaven forfend.

Which is not to say that the guy doesn’t have a good voice, but this “SuBoy” media hype crap makes me want to punch my television.

So yet again he’s trying the trick of turning all his normal rules around (pretty little teenagers) and getting an ugly in. It worked last time, I mean how else could someone who sing cover versions of songs become one of the biggest artists in the world?

I personally think that you need more than physical unattractiveness to succeed in the ‘pity sales’ chart. Subo being physically unattractive as well as middle aged, is actually developmentally challenged and they’ll be hard pressed to find another like her for that reason alone.

Still, the idiots who watch this show seem easily tricked, so it might work again. You never know. I’ll find out in five years time I guess, thats the usual time I take to notice one of his manufactured acts.

You do realise they trick the bad singers into performing by telling them they are good, and repeatedly getting them on again? This is another one of his tricks which works especially well with the developmentally challenged. Uk television seems to have a large amount of ‘laugh at the freak’ shows now…

At first I thought it was really cruel to even bring up the subject of “dumping” her, that she was “holding him back.” But I think he’s holding her back as well. I’d like to hear her do a solo, something more in the “pop” tradition. But they are definitely not a match as a duo.

Clearly Simon hasn’t heard of Meatloaf.

I don’t watch talent shows but I do appreciate people posting links to the outstanding performers. I loved that guys voice and would happily pay to listen to him.

I realise that people hate all the manipulation that goes on in these shows but it’s not the fault of the performers. I wish him the best of luck.