Just to let you know that the Encyclopedia is now fully operational (might have been for a while, actually) and is truly an excellent source of information. Go check it out: I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


P.S.: I’ve noticed that the search engine is sometimes case-sensitive.

omniscientnot, in a previous incarnation.
The hyphen says it all…

uh, omni-not, you left out the colon after http

(I guess the hyphen does say it all - just kidding.)

but anyway, thanks for the site - did a quick check and immediately bookmarked it.


Thanks Omni, it looks great!

“I would far rather be ignorant than wise in the foreboding of evil.”

-Æschylus. 525-456 B. C.

The site has been fully operational for a few years, it’s just recently become FREE. We had a subscription to it at about $5/month…

O p a l C a t

You’re right, Opal. I forgot to specify that I was talking about the “free edition”.

Hmmm, problems with URLs, partial information…: it’s gonna be a long week, I’m afraid :slight_smile: