Encyclopædia Britannica Is Now Free

Just in case you hadn’t heard.


Unfortunately, the site is so swamped you can’t get in.

Now shouldn’t this topic be in MPSIMS? Maybe we can ask our moderator to move it? :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying since yesterday to get in, haven’t been successful once.

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I just arrived at the site and all that’s there is a letter of apology for the technical problems and that they’re hoping to be up again in a short while.

And are they surprised at the business? Jeez, it’s only the largest compiled compendium of human knowledge on the planet. 'S not like anyone will want to see it for free . . .

I’ve been asking for a copy of the Britannica on CD-ROM as a Christmas prezzie all year. This morning I was excited to think I didn’t need to mess with disks.

Now they’re looking better all the time.


Largest amount of knowledge, eh? Think it explains how Nick got that ‘a’ & ‘e’ together?

Also, try www.eb.com much better & reliable.

Andros said:

Ahem! Just what the hell do you think this site is, pal?!

<—HURLING A LIFE PRESERVER TO ANDROS…lol…he didn’t mean it that way, Unca Cecil, HONEST.
( the poor fool… )

Typer :slight_smile:

As a more serious side note, my brother was sold a set of the real dealio- the Books…about…18 years ago. they were $ 1400 and he could not really afford them. He got suckered by the salesman. Now? free? Holy moley, hot patooties !!!

Typer :slight_smile:

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They ran a promotion like this last Spring (about a week after I had renewed my annual membership :frowning: ). Enjoy it now because I suspect that it will only be available for a couple of weeks.

You guys worried me. I don’t mind a free promotion after I’ve already paid my dues, but if I had been unable to reach the site because of promotional traffic, I was going to go look up Ex-Tank and see what punitive remedies he could devise. (It seems OK; I come in through a separate address.)

Handy? æ is Alt + 0230 and Æ is Alt + 0198.


I thought those characters were:

&#230 . . . ampersand hash 230


&#198 . . . ampersand hash 198


Well, I think those characters are Compose-a-e and Compose-A-E, respectively.

Nope, this is not a promotion. This is the real deal … forever.

Britannica hopes to recoup falling sales of the paper version of their encyclopedias by advertising on the site.

See http://more.abcnews.go.com/sections/business/DailyNews/britannica990919.html

for the full story.


What does Æ (A-E) stand for anyway? How about Œ (O-E)? I figure it’s from Latin origin, but I don’t know how it’s supposed to be pronounced. I’ll understand an analogy to French pronounciation (i.e. é, ê, è, a, â, etc)

Well, in really-o truly-o Latin, “ae” rhymes with “high”.

The difference in spelling is a quarrel over what to do with Greek words that got into English via Latin. British tradition (now waning under American influence) is to use the Latin spelling. American tradition is to pretend the word came directly from the Greek.

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Well, I work for Broderbund/Mindscape and while the big guys don’t fill me in on everything, I can help you out a bit regarding the E.B. deal. It’s the 1997 version. Though there is no official pronouncement, don’t expect that it will be updated.
IMO, even a 1997 version is good for free.

Don’t get me wrong–I love life. I’m just finding it harder and harder to keep myself amused.

Seems to be some confusion on just what is

Since I can’t logon, it must be that you can use the books online? This is not the same as them mailing you their cdrom set, which seems like a pretty nice deal around $50 after rebate.

But, ah, if only it were so easy cause when you try eb.com & click on the buy eb cdroms link you get thrown into a loop that doesn’t do anything…ack