I don’t know exactly what happened. It’s not my department. :slight_smile:

Dear sixseatport:

I approach this subject delicately, since I realize it’s not your fault and probably not your responsibility, but…whom do we contact if we find obvious (or not-so-obvious) errors in the ‘facts’ reported by your organization?

A number of years ago I found a number of such errors (which reflected common opinion but which had been passed by newer research/understanding) and haven’t been back since. EB might well have updated their information in the intervening time, and if not I’m sure they would if they could be convinced that better information existed, but I don’t know.

Does EB take an “open systems” approach (inviting reader response with an eye to improving the product)?

Blowing my own horn department …

Just for S’s and G’s I went to and did a quick search for “Disney shorts” just to see what I would find. Son of a gun … there I am under “The Web’s Best Sites.”

Saint Eutychus