BritDopers - pronunciation of whinge/whinging

I’ve been seeing this crop up in a few pit threads and other assorted rants recently, and I’m assuming that this is a variation of the US whine/whining.

So, is the “g” in whinge silent, so that it sounds the same as whine, or is the “g” pronounced; and if so, does it rhyme with singe or wing? Or something else?



Thanks for the quick response.

I never knew this was supposed to be a “Britishism.” I’m not British, but I’ve used it all my life. Picked it up from my mom. Who, as it happens, also isn’t British. says it is Chiefly British. Whinge Definition & Meaning |

Yep, definitely rhyming with singe.

Don’t forget the noun ‘whinger’, either…(not to be confused with the differently-pronounced football-related ‘winger’)

Or the rather more uncomplimentary “minger”.

Yeah, but that doesn’t rhyme with 'whinger ’ :stuck_out_tongue:

It is in common usage in Australian English too, Ironically, one of its main uses is in the expression “whingeing* Pom”, meaning an English person who comes to Australia and complains the whole time.

*I see the spelling “whingeing” more often than “whinging”.

Of course, the’re a sub-debate abou thow to pronounce the “wh” :smiley: