British opinion on Neal Entwhistle?

Neal Entwhistle has just been convicted of 1st degree murder in the deaths of his wife and child, which reminded me.

I remember that a fair number of Brits felt Louise (something) was treated unfairly by our legal system. (Sorry, I’m blanking on her name, this involved a baby under her care dying of shaken baby syndrome.)

What’s the general feeling on Entwhistle? A lot of Americans have expressed opinions on how ‘cold’ he seemed, how unaffected by the deaths of his wife and children, and felt that pointed to his guilt. Does it seem that way to Brits, too? Or is it a cultural difference? With Americans being more open to express emotions and British more reticent?

Louise Woodward

He’s had a bit of media attention over here. Seemed like a weirdo, to me.

He told police during a phone call January 23 that he found his wife and daughter dead from gunshot wounds January 20 after returning from running errands.

Entwistle claimed that he returned the gun to his father-in-law’s home 50 miles away because he wanted to preserve his wife’s honor.

He did not call police, he said, but got a knife to kill himself and “could not go through with it.”

He said he then drove to his in-laws’ home to get a gun to kill himself but could not get into the home.

He tried to find his mother-in-law’s office to tell her about discovering the bodies but could not, he told police.

Eventually, he said, he drove to Logan International Airport because he “wanted to go home to his parents in England.”
Entwistle’s parents said after the verdict that they would continue to fight to prove their son’s innocence.**

How fucking stupid do you have to be to not realize your loving little sonny-boy did this?

Missed the edit window. I should add that most of the above was plagiarized from CNN.

From what I’ve read, he’s guilty. Louise Woodward’s case was a travesty of justice; this one is not.

It’s an example of the good old Stiff Upper Lip. Even our murderers keep their composure when under duress. Jolly good show!

His google searches were also telling… mostly along the lines of “how to shoot someone”, “how to kill with a knife” etc.

Ah, that explains everything. He fell under the spell of the Evil Internet. The tubes made him do it!

I always wonder why these people don’t also search for “how to cover your tracks when planning a murder” and “can the cops find out what I’ve been searching for on Google?”.

Did Entwistle claim that someone else (who conveniently can’t be found) had used his computer? Or the least believable one: “I was doing research for a screenplay I was going to write”?

You mean because after she (Woodward) was correctly and properly convicted of second degree murder, the judge foolishly sentenced her to time served and released her, right?

Yeah, especially when Entwistle was supposed to be some kind of tech guru himself.

Obviously he was as much a failure at that as everything else he did.

…on how the wife killed herself and her daughter: she held the child to her chest, and (with her left hand) shot her child (the bullet passed through Rachel’s body). Then, she took the gun in both hands-and shot herself through the forehead; after this, she laid down with the child, and spread a blanket over herself!
take that , you limeys! No british barrister could spout this with a straight face!
Who says Entwistle didn’t have a great defense?
PS-He’s going to get ANOTHER trail 9paid for by the Massachusetts taxpayers). Could you Brits PLEASE take this POS back? :confused:

Screw that! I don’t want him to do time in some poofy British prison where they get served tea and crumpets at elevenses! Let him go to MCI Walpole where his effeminate English ass will no doubt be traded for a pack of smokes.