British Remake of "Who's the Boss"

A few years ago I used to watch a show that was on at about 3.30 weekday afternoons here (Australia). I don’t remember what it was called, but I am sure that it was based on the US sitcom, Who’s the Boss.

It had a bloke and his daughter move into the house of a professional woman, her son and slutty mother (maybe Honour Blackman). The man acted as housekeeper, and all sorts of hilarious hijinks ensued. Actually, I do remember it as being not too bad, and better than ‘Who’s the Boss’.

Am I imagining this whole show, or does anyone else remember it?

  • Bubba.

The Upper Hand.

British adaptations of American situation comedies?

That goes completely against the natural order of things.

Hold me, I feel an existential crisis coming on…

I remember seeing a Spanish language version of “Who’s the Boss” a couple of years ago. I think it was on Telemundo, but it might have been Univision.

This is starting to creep me out man!

You missed the shocking remakes of Married With Childen, That 70s Show and The Golden Girls then. All of them bombed deservedly.

Sweet Jesus. I couldn’t find any reference to a British Married With Children, so I had a faint hope you were just engaging in a bit of chain-yanking there – until I confirmed the incomprehensible existence of The Brighton Belles and the British version of That 70s Show.

Its the apocalypse, isn’t it?

Larry, let me introduce you to the horror that was:

Married for life

Oh yeah.