Britney Spears, Reese Whitherspoon and Pamela Anderson

All single!
Which one should I go for?
Normally, I would lean towards Reese, but I’m thinking that Ryan might be a hard act to follow.

I don’t know, guide me.

Waitaminute, I thought Reese was on Entertainment Tonight denying that she was getting a divorce… she said they were going to counselling, nothing more.

Na, Reese’s divorce papers were floating around the other day.

I’d say definitely stay away from Pam- you know she’s got the hep.

Let’s be honest: Britney probably has the herpes. Then again, she keeps flashing her poonanny all over the place lately, so if you’re into totally waxed genitals and a giant c section scar, she might be your gal.

I’d say go for Reese. Have you seen Legally Blonde? She’s hot. Have you seen Walk the Line? She’s still hot. She’s smart, too. Successful as well- an actress and producer. Oh and she’s a good mom- I’d imagine that’s hot to most, too.

As much fun as it would be to have a long night of banging Britney (you KNOW that girl would be into anything you wanted to do,) Resse is the better choice for anything long-term.

Reese also looks a lot like my ex. It could lead to me using the wrong name at the wrong time. However, from the three of them, Reese is probably the lest likely to kick my ass.

Oh, Reese. Definitely Reeesse!

Spears for Spearing. What more could there be? No depth.

Kid Rock lost his appetite for Pam silicone non-stick cooking spray.

The best, most natural, and most intelligent with hard substance is Reese (She has perfect breasts as well.)

A similar discussion came up here a while back, concerning choosing between Britney and Sigourney Weaver.
I can’t remember which Doper made this comment, but it’s a beauty:

“I’d take Sigourney. Sooner or later you have to either talk or kill aliens, and Britney would be worthless in either pursuit.”

Reese all the way. No brainer.

I agree. Reese would be a fine, fine woman to have in your life. My wife thinks she’s great, and so do I.

This is a choice? I know Pam and Brit ostensibly have some kind of hotness going on, but they must be about as deep as a mud puddle. Reese may have an Oscar, but judging from the roles she chooses, she might be a little on the shrewish side. And she looks like a duck, to boot.

I think Reese Witherspoon is the only woman on that list who is even remotely attractive. I have to say though, that I think Pamela Anderson is pretty funny and personable and seems like a nice enough person, but not the least bit good looking. And I think Spears is going to end up as the next Michael Jackson level of weird.

Reese most certainly…phwoar!!!
Pammie is OK but I aint into false tits.
Britney is a slapper and I do believe it is spelt “Punani” :smiley:

Britney would only be good for a couple nights of complete & total debauchery, fantasy fulfillment sex. After that, she’d get boring real fast.

Pam has never appealed to me in the slightest, so I wouldn’t even consider her. Plus, the whole hep thing.

Reese is attractive, nice body, intelligent, and least likely to become a wackadoo. I expect things are fairly vanilla in the boudoir, but I wouldn’t worry about following Ryan. He doesn’t seem like anything special.

For all these reasons, Reese. No question. Besides, the others are skanks and your little Charter Member would probably rot off afterwards.

She’s your ex? Can I have her number? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yet another vote for Reese. Hot and seemingly substantive.

Plus, Britney’s feet smell.

Not that this would be an impediment between me and Reese. :dubious:

Pam Anderson’s looks are on the wane, but she seems like a fun person with a great sense of humor. I think she’d be more fun to be around than the other two, all told. Plus, no appreciable inhibitions. I’m going to assume she doesn’t REALLY have the hep.

Pam Anderson, slam dunk. Hey, for at least four or five wedding’s worth. What is that, six months?

Go for Britney.
That frees Reese and Pam up for me.

Hellooooooooooooooooooo, fantasy threesome!

Well, Pamela Anderson isn’t looking so good these days, and furthermore, she’s full of disease.

Britney’s hoo-ha is available for your viewing all over the internet, so any mystery is lost there. Furthermore, who wants someone who did the nasty with KEVIN FEDERLINE?!

I’d go for Reese. Classy, pretty, and seems to be really sweet. She might be more prudish in the bedroom, but you might be surprised. Anyway, she’s the only one you’d actually feel proud to bring home to Mom.

Ah, my sweet Reese… A few days ago, my wife and I had company over and we were all sitting around talking and watching TV. The show started talking about Reese Witherspoon and her husband splitting up and I blurted out, “Reese Witherspoon is single… Honey, can we get divorced?” I must have sounded a bit too sincere because instead of laughs, the comment generated looks of startled concern… :smack: :smiley:

Why on earth would you assume that? It’s not a rumor, she’s been very open about having hepatitis.

Reese all the way. And I wouldn’t worry about following Ryan. He’s pretty and all, but he seems like a bag of duh.