Britney Spears swearing?

I’ve check snopes, there is nothing there (yet). This is supposedly Britney swearing backstage at a concert in Rio. Waddaya reckon? Real or fake?

It’s real. It was in the Chicago Sun-Times (http://www, I believe it was in there late last week. It was also on a couple of radio stations here in Chicago. I think you can also download it on Napster. I believe the name on there is “Oops…I didn’t know the microphone was on” or something to that effect.

It sure sounds real too me. Only I can’t figure out what’s going on: is she backstage, looking at the crowds, while her stage manager checks her mic? Why is it recording? And why is there an echo? It’s like what she’s saying is broadcasting to the entire arena the way the reverb is.
And I’m not surprised to hear it, either. Kids today swear too much, for no reason, at any time. It’s really a shame, and annoying.

Although I was a little shocked at first when I heard her say the D-word on a Making the Video on MTV.