Britney's Not The Worst Mom Named Spears

So this charming woman is driving around drunk. Her 8 year old calls 911 from the car. She makes him hang up. He calls back. She fucking bites his hand so he’ll hang up again!

The cops get to her before something worse happens.

I cannot imagine what it must be like to have a mother lie that. If these kids grow up anywhere near normal it will be a miracle.

Hopefully child protective services will interview her berfore she gets them back. She must have pretty toasted if she bit him.

Those damn Canadians and their Molson Ice.

I hope that bite didn’t break the skin. (unless she is so pickled from the booze that it won’t matter).

poor kids. Can you imagine what is going through the 5 year old’s head (much less the 8 year old). I hope “mom” doesn’t get them back for some time.

Hey, my kids bit me when they were little. It’s about time a parent gave them a dose of their own medicine. Don’t interfere with daddy’s drinking time!

Hey, it’s like I tell my kids: “Daddy drinks because you cry.”

No shit. Everybody knows kids taste terrible raw.

Vancouver, Washington is not the same place as Vancouver, British Columbia.

Reminds me of this. One of my favourite KitH skits.

I bit my mother, once. She bit me back. I never bit her again.

However, I, too, hope these kids get some help, and good on the boy for calling 911 in the first place.

I won’t even pretend I was trying for the whoosh. :smack: :stuck_out_tongue:

What did the boy taste like? Chicken?

That sounds like Canuck propaganda!

Everyone, he’s one of them! The kid-biters!

Daddy Drank

Vancouver (not BC)
Washington (not DC)

Y’know, that reminds me of this one sketch from a famous Canadian sketch comedy troupe. You can find the link here.

Damn, I was going to do that.

No, truly evil mothers kill their children and put them in a suitcase and throw them in a pond. I cannot read the updates on this horrific crime without tearing up.

Well, I guess that makes Ms. Spears OK then. Whew.