Briton Builds His Wife a Working Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Replica

How cool is that? The car passed its inspection last month, and they plan to drive it to Australia to raise funds for charity.

Drive to Australia from the UK? Can . . . can you do that? Is it safe? Are there highways through Russia? (I’m sure they’re not going to try and go through Iran)

If they get lost or get hurt, then this will be very, very sad. But I can just see them getting taken hostage.

They seem to be aiming to go via India, so to get there overland they have to go though either Iran or Afghanistan (unless they go via China as well).
Given that choice between these two, I’d chose Iran without hestitation.

Well, they will obviously have to put the car onto a ship or an aeroplane at some stage.

People do the drive quite a bit. Tony and Phillipa Wheeler were inspired to write the first Lonely Planet book after having done the same journey. In the hippy trail days, people used to go through Iran and Afghanistan, into Pakistan and across India, but these days they go across Russia, down through Mongolia & China. It’s not that dangerous. Though it is, of course, dangerous compared to much of life.

For a similar journey covering much of the route, the Long Way Round is the best - and I say this without qualification - the best travel documentary I have ever seen - Ewan McGregor and his buddy riding motorcycles from London to New York via Europe and Asia.

Of course, if it was a TRUE working replica it could float. Or fly.

They ought to get one of the KITT models that’ve been on sale recently to go along too (there was a camera-ready original* used in *Knight Rider * that sold for over $100,000, and a fanboy’s imitation that failed to sell on Ebay). Now, that’d be a road trip worth documenting!

  • Unfortunately, William Daniels’ voice was not included.

Exactly, I’m a little dissappointed that it can’t fly…

That Land Rover chassis might be necessary for their proposed odyssey, but it sure screws up the proportions of the car.