Britons; what are you expecting when Charles becomes King?

Elizabeth II is ninety-five years old. I wish her the best but it’s inevitable that Charles will become King at some point in the foreseeable future.

What do you think will be the results of this transition? What are public expectations?

I’m aiming this mostly at Britons but Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders, etc can also join in. But not you Barbadians; you made your choice.

What do you mean by expectations? Charles will succeed. He’ll be a constitutional monarch.

Canadian: I’m expecting very little since the position does virtually nothing. He’s less popular than Queen Elizabeth II but he’s already aging himself.

Are you saying the persons who reign are essentially interchangeable?

I’ve seen speculations from time to time that Liz my well outlive Chuck.

By no means impossible.

I think many will miss a female based monarch there. But I think it means they can have a king and a queen title at the same time??? Maybe??? Is that how it works, if the queen rules there is no king but if the king rules his wife could have the queen title?

So that would mean William, right? There’s not some weird rule about Charles not ascending the throne resetting the line of succession, is there?

New Zealander here. I expect the design of our money to change and that’s about it. It’s not like our Queen actually does anything. I mean I know she does do stuff, like attend public engagements and consult with Prime ministers etc, but she doesn’t do anything that has any effect on me.

William, correct, even if Elizabeth outlives Charles. If Charles dies before Elizabeth, William is next in line as a matter of statute law.

About the same in Canada. Four courts will change their names from “Court of Queen’s Bench” to “Court of King’s Bench”. Other government references to the Queen will change to the King. Postage stamps will change. Lawyers who are designated as Queen’s Counsel will become King’s Counsel (“QC” => “KC”).

My mom used to say, the on ly thing keeling Lizzie alive is that she absolutely doesn’t want Charles to be king.

She used to say that 40 year ago. So far it’s working.

“The Queen reigns but does not rule.” There may be some differences in personal style between Charles and Elizabeth, but in terms of government operations, I don’t anticipate any differences.

He will proclaim an Empire-wide ban on Modern Architecture?

I’d expect it to boost the republican movement here in Australia, as Chuck’s much less popular than Lizzie is. Maybe even in the UK too.

He will not have any power to do so.

Plus, there’s no Empire any more.

Has Australia made any progress towards coming up with an acceptable replacement?

Any chance Charles would just abdicate and leave it all to Junior?

He’s been waiting for this position all his life. Why would he do that?

And he can’t do it unilaterally; the British Parliament would have to pass abdication legislation, with the consent of the other Commonwealth realms. It would be a big deal.

Camilla would normally have become “Queen Consort” but that won’t happen due to Charles’ previous relationship (remember her?). She will be Princess Consort instead, so not a Queen.