Brits Build Steam Powered Race Car

One goal is speed record, the other is mass produced alternative fueled vehicles.

That’s brilliant. That’s what we Brits do best - provide the answer to a question no one is asking.

However It would be exempt from the congestion charge. Sign me up for one!

owl’s right. “‘Harmless crank’ acknowledges vindication with grace and bemusement” is very British sounding. This is cool, and with a bit of luck might turn out to be like the wind-up-radios thing.

The article states that the plan is to exceed 200mph on 300hp. This would be rather impressive.

It must have monster torque.

That’s probably the coolest looking car I’ve ever seen. Very retro sci-fi.

Ever seen the Cord 1812?

I think the steam-driven racecar is wicked cool, but it’s a lot like the belt-driven watch.

One nice thing about steamers is that they tend to not have a torque curve. You get max torque at all speeds. (Not entirely accurate, but close enough.)

Looks like a cross between the '59 Stingray and a Messerschmitt.