Brits - explain this editorial cartoon, please?

In today’s Daily Telegraph (which is the paper I read today, as that’s what someone left behind on the subway) was [url=;jsessionidGLH210AVDUCZXQFIQMFCFF4AVCBQYIV0?RangeStartValue=1]this[/url cartoon.

I have a basic understanding of current affairs here, but I am at a complete and total loss as to what this is all about. I believe that’s Tony Blair, and…a crown is kryptonite? Why? I feel like either A) it’s a stupid cartoon or B) I’m just missing something about whatever the topic is.

(Or is this like your crossword puzzles, which are just far, far too complicated for my feeble American mind?)

Oh, my, that’s some unfortunate coding. Um, if a mod could do something to make it slightly less…horrible and abruptly Jewish, that would be fine.

Here is the cartoon.

I think it’s just feeble, although I’m not 100% clear on the point that’s being made. Blair in awe of power? Teflon Tony cannot be undone by demoncratic means alone? It’s almost certainly intended to be connected to the current cash-for-peerages issue, but I can’t make any concrete connection.

Tony Blair is in the middle of a scandal involving Lord Levy allegedly selling peerages in return for contributions to the Labour Party. The thing labelled “kryptonite” is a peer’s coronet.

Ta. This is why I’m a Guardian reader :wink:

I was just going to post what Giles said, but he was quicker.

It’s definitely not meant to be pro-Blair; the fact that it’s in the Daily Telegraph is sufficient proof of that. But I don’t see quite what they’re getting at. There is a scandal concerning sale of peerages, but it doesn’t concern Blair as such.

Gracias. So it’s a combination of my not entirely understanding the issue at hand and not being up on my, uh, coronets. I feel better now.

I would say that it does concern Blair. He is still the Prime Minister. Furthermore, The Times reports today that ‘it looks likely’ that the police will interview him in relation to this very matter.


He’s best friends with Leavy. He plays tennis with him every week. Leavy’s been arrested and a further two government ministers have been questioned. How could this possibly not tarnish Blair?

Yes, but does it concern him in any sense other than “he’s the boss, so he has to take responsibility”? I have yet to see any proof that he knew about this beforehand.

It took me a bit of thinking to work out that cartoon, so don’t worry, Ninja Chick.

I take it to mean that, thus far, no matter what troubles or scandals, nothing touches or harms Tony Blair - no trouble sticks to “Teflon Tony” and that the suggestion being made is that the current cash-for-peerages row might just the the one magic thing that can do it, therefore Kryptonite. Not a very good cartoon at all, really, if one has to stop and work it out like that.

Labour is trying to end the row over three men nominated for peerages after secretly lending Labour millions.
Tony Blair has denied he nominated the trio for the House of Lords in return for the loans.
But he told reporters at his monthly news conference he wanted a shake up of the honours system and the rules covering party funding, saying “the buck stops with me”.