Brits: If them yanks can play chess on here, then we can play Mornington Crescent!

No, I’ve checked, and he’s right. (Although, in my defense, that was hardly publicized at all. And while I agree Distranovich deserved to have the title taken away from him, I still say that was a neccesary rule…unless you’ve forgotten the whole '78 match. The Russians didn’t take Jackson’s move to Wapping well at all.)

Well, enough reminiscing. This really isn’t the thread for it.


Invoking the Lesser-Spotted Chobbett Variation(allowing for the springtime adjustments) leads quite easy to

The Serpentine


Firstly this is just silly - the MC equivalent of an own goal. Secondly the previous move was Upney. Your reply - like Upney - is two stops past Barking! You’re in nid for the next three moves.

Owl - harsh but fair.

From Upney…I’m staying local with Dagenham Parkway. (heh heh heh - viscious or what?)

You are an amateur and so I shall treat you kindly but you really must gain a better knowledge of the rules.
We are using the WINTER timetable still…
The Moxney-Fox variation cuts off all other stations on the District Line,hence Upney—>Serpentine is the only possible variation unless you have opened them up by declaring a state of Indulgence.I have not seen such a declaration.
My move stands.

I’m fairly sure Blue’s right, but that doesn’t make Serpentine any easier to follow up. I think I’ll do the obvious and reverse to White City, which I believe ‘opens’ the Hammersmith Flyover under Arch rules.

Should make for an interesting midgame on the outskirts :smiley:

Arghhhh… Now I look at it again, East Acton probably would have been better under these conditions. Schoolboy error…

Oh well… Keep playing from White City

Well,it’s an obvious western lateral quadrant :smiley:
Goldhawk Road

Not really, but it is important that you deliver your responses in the style of a smug middle class Radio 4 listening twat who wouldn’t recognise a sense of humour if Ned Sherrin announced during the Archers exactly what a sense of humour looks like.

[/irrational hatred of Radio 4]

I quite like Desert Island Discs, though.

May I have your attention off the game for a second or two to tell you that we, at the Ministry of Serendipity, which of course doesn’t exist, eagerly await the first one to arrive at Mornington Crescent. You’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Sorry, but I can’t just stand idly by and see **Wotnot ** casually gloss over such an important point, particularly as it could affect who wins.

As I suspect Wotnot is perfectly well aware, at least two expert analyses have shown that the 1982 Amendments, more correctly known as the 1982 Krajnich-Loman Proposed Amendments (they were never formally ratified by the WMCF), are fundamentally incompatible with Marble Arch rules and can lead to nonsensical game play.

For example, Jahn’s delightfully erudite analysis, which you’ll find as Appendix 3 of the 1987 MC Yearbook, shows that MA Rules permit lateral hops after Bassoons in tournament play, and that if this option were used in connection with the Farouche maneovre, proposed by Krajnich-Loman, it could lead to all manner of absurdities such as Parks not eligible for stumps south of the river, and ‘legal’ transfers from Morden to Perivale without stirrups declared! (For a contrary view, albeit one not widely shared by most leading commentators, see Krajnich’s spirited rebuttal in the Tournament Notes published after the 89 Masters Invitational playoff in Berlin.)

Do we really want our beautiful game reduced to such a shambles of idiotic situations and botched manoeuvres?

Look, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I despise the Marble Arch rules, which I believe stifle creative play in the endgame and foster a culture of safety play which I consider inimical to the true spirit of the game. However, I concede that the MA rules, being relatively easy to follow and offering clear adjudication on such notorious matters as contra-alphabetical motions north across water, may provide a suitable basis for an enjoyable game of MC here on the Boards. But let’s have no truck with the 1982 proposed amendments, lest the whole thing descend into farce as soon as any player invokes a Farouche.

By the way, Iceland Blue, congratulations on some excellent decisions thus far, suggesting very mature play. But in your eagerness to employ such an elegant shift to Goldhawk Road, you overlooked this possibility: declaration of Ashes and Becontree! This leads to MC in three moves against any defence, at least according my initial analysis. I can’t take credit for this beauty: it’s an old twist from that wily old master, Achenin, who used it to carry off the 73 European Qualifier against Peddlewick.

Despite being a complete and not even knowing where to find Radio Four on the dial, I venture Bromley by Bow, hoping for beginners luck.

PS Is it true that a ***Get Out of Jail Free *** card will also release one from Nid?

Novice, I am a complete novice, tempted as you must be to substitute some other word.

I think a reverse bi-lateral flip is called for…
which leads nicely to Aldwych East

If you want to hear it played a lot better than here, go and listen to I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, and see how poor Isram’s sense of humour is :wink:

Anyway, to respond to the rather Baroque shift to Aldwych East, I’ll take the cue from Pepys’ 1668 guide to the embryonic game, and go for Moorgate.

  • Usram’s

Oh dear. I seem to have inadvertantly caused something of a kerfuffle. While I’m sure you’re right, ianzin, I’m afraid this is nothing more than another example of the confusion caused by the old north/south divide.

As you could have guessed from my location, I’m a Northern Conference player myself. We never even entertained Kajnich-Loman (for precisely the reasons you’ve so capably laid out) so I’m afraid I forgot about it completely.

The amendment I was referring to is what I now realise you would know as the 1983 Jefferson (Distance Play) amendment which does nothing more than add the neccessary adjustments required for play across time zones. It was adopted earlier in the northern counties, partly because of the popularity of Marble Arch in the Durham area during the early eighties (largely among students, it has to be said).

I can only apologise for the confusion – if my yearbooks weren’t packed in boxes in preparation for moving office, I’d have checked before posting.

For the record, I share your opinion of Marble Arch rules, but as you say it’s probably the best choice for the present game.

There are a few chess threads, but I’m in a couple of them and I’m certainly English. :slight_smile:

I can’t reveal too much about the game (in case it lowers your opinion of us Brits), but the objective is to reach Mornington Crescent first.

Here is a link:

The key point is that anyone can say ‘Mornington Crescent’ at any time (inlcuding the first move :eek: ) and win. Go figure…

Please pardon the Yank drive by:

Stonebridge Park!


Vile move! Nasty nasty nasty! But admirable in a Vinnie Jones/Roy Keane kind of way.

It’s got to be Kensal Green after that - and yes I know I lay myself open to all sorts of trouble here.

Kensington High Street

(Oddly enough, I just found this thread while listening to a “Sorry I Haven’t a Clue” repeat from the BBC7 website)