Isn't it time for Mornington Crescent?

Seems it has been a while, so if no one minds, I’ll start with the little seen Midlands Variant Opening.


Euston Square.

Almost too obvious, I know.

Yes, obvious to a player with passing familiarity to The Game, but to a grognard Euston Square, with the Midlands Opening invites many complex answers. I prefer to declare Stirrups, and play

Marble Arch.

Surely I think you can see where I’m heading here.

May I assume from your move that we’re playing the Chauncey rules? Stirrups can’t be declared before the fourth move in Standard. Of course, following Marble Arch with Lambeth North is almost required regardless.

Now she gets her kicks in Stepney, not in


any more!

I believe it was Lord Mountbatten, who during the furious Japanese assault at Imphal in 1944, maintained the stoic air of calm in tribute to Sir Francis Drake, and finished his move before turning his attention to more pressing matters. In that vein, I will play his Imphal Gambit, as chronicled in the classic Indian Reports of 1946.


Just for future reference, Wargamer, one player cannot play three moves in the first ten moves without moving out of Zone 1. It’ll have to stand, but just bear it in mind.

I’ll play Monument.

I went looking for the latest MC Ruleset, and found that the 2008 edition was cancelled due to a transit workers’ strike: Until the strike is resolved, all moves are restricted to one station along the line.

Cannon Street, as I can’t get to London Bridge immediately from Monument.

I’ve never had the chance to try Captain Roger’s Fancy, so I’ll give it a go. Calling His Nibs and moving to


Royal Oak is the logical reply to that. I’m assuming we are using Transitive Match Play, since there are several nationalities and time zones on this board.

Well, it’s a bit rich of you then, given that you simply can’t call a Wilsonian station before Snodbers (if it occurs two hours or more after breakfast).

Embankment, forcibly de-striled with a blue token play, and evens are declared.

Are we playing with the 3rd Edition International Rules?, if so i move to:


Yes, but it’s the Yamoto variant. I think. It would be nice if these amateurs actually told us!

But I just finished breakfast. Really, you have to go with TMP if you want a truly international game. Wasn’t that settled after the “unpleasantness” during the Lucknow Invitational in 1857? And we all know how that ended!

But on to lighter things…Covent Garden and Confusion To The French!

Marble Arch.

And remember that this play places Oxford Circus and Chancery Lane out of play for three turns per the Helmsford II ruling.

No one who is anyone uses Yamoto anymore. (It’s really like trying to compare rugby to American football)

With that out of the way, the obvious reply to Marble Arch is of course, Victoria.

Highbury & Islington. I trust that since Yamoto is out, and evens are declared, you can see the strategic implications of a Cross River Switch play, which, thankfully, is now past us.

BTW, I will, of course, reveal I had TWO bowls of Raisan Bran for breakfast, which allows the above-mentioned play.

Of course, that also leaves you wide open to Blackfriars. Sorry, old chap, but you really were asking for it.

If you’d note my time stamp, you’d see the only proper move would be Edgeware.

Elephant and Castle!

I’ve wanted to make that move ever since Winthrop pulled it off in the '63 Nationals. Ha! Who knew **Edgeware **would be called so soon?