Anyone for a game of Mornington Crescent?

If so I’ll start - we’ll be using the full board and second edition revises rules (I can’t be doing with blocking on lateral pathways, makes everything too hard).

Everyone participating has to explain where they’ve gone from, where they’re going to and the reasoning behind their move (there might be people playing who are unfamiliar with the rules so giving them an insight into strategies more experienced players use is only fair).

Right, my start position. I’m going to pick Tottenham court road - whilst it’s arguably one of the most exposed positions on the board I think that gives it a lot of strength too as your range is consequently larger.

Anyone else going to play? :slight_smile:

Islington standard rules, or those new fangled Edinburgh Revised Rules?

What is this, 1962? Sheesh.

Islington standard IS the second edition revised rules. Come on people keep up!


Interesting - care to explain the rationale for that one? I mean, clearly a good move, obvious for a regular player, but for the beginners’ benefit?

Well Tottenham Court Road is fairly ambitious, and I think on the SDMB might be a little too advanced, especially since it can easily turn into a Bath Variation, which could well be beyond even the most expert players (and if you recall led to the Harris/Bennett replay of 1983, which to some of the most suspicious types, all footage at the BBC was destroyed in a fire…an isolated fire that only destroyed those tapes and nothing else, but that is for another time). I figured Edgware would help us avoid such complication this early on and keep the game a bit more enjoyable and more in line with the Barrister standards.


Cheeky bastard.

I’ll throw out a modified Transom Defense opening with Swiss Cottage.

That should put paid to your plans tout de suite.

Knightsbridge. I really can’t justify it strategically this early on, I just always open with it as a personal superstition, to be quite honest.

Oh you fucker - block my diagonal move why don’t you?

Okay well… I guess I’ll have to go for Canary Wharf instead. I need the extra resource points.

Well thank you very much – I’ll happy take the 28 Days Later bonus, cross the Thames and move on over to Canada Water.

At the risk of drawing us into a Jubilee loop, I declare stirrups.

Canons Park

Lay down two Green Tokens on


Sorry, Maus declared stirrups, meaning you can’t lay down green or red tolkens until someone makes a play at an interchange.

The bad news is that as caller on this rule, I’ll just help myself to those greenies thankyewverymuch.
The good news is that you can feel free to lay down any tolkens you like (except for yellow, obviously) now that I’m calling Kilburn (via the West Hampstead interchange).

Wow, guess we just graduated form a nice friendly game into a real competitive dogfight. Since that’s way this game is going I am going to have to say Charing Cross with buckles down. No more mister nice guy.

Wait, after the Canberra Declaration of 1983, can you still play Charing Cross with buckles, after stirrups are declared?

Unless I missed where we agreed to play under the Anti-Scofflaw Exemptions and ignore those dirty down underers. In which case I play Barkingside and claim 3 gold pawns.

I think I’m going to have to go defensive and play **Leicester Square **which cancels Maus’ stirrups.

Down two green tokens already - curse Mummersford-Summerslington and the '72 Geneva Concordance. Interchange Gambits are my major weakness.

Embankment, and I’ll offer a flag to be named later in exchange for replacement tokens. Who’s daring enough to risk the obvious trap potential?

London Bridge, which puts us back into stirrups, captures the pawns in play, and commences the Jubilee loop

Starting my run from the west, I’ll put my gold chip from the interchange on Hounslow Central and hopefully block the airport. I know two defensive move to start is dangerous, but it worked for Yuri Skrachanitch when he played against Sasha Gyeturoksov in the infamous “Moskva Game” of 1983.