A friendly game of Mornington Crescent

It seems to me high time we had another round of this marvellous game; hopefully others will feel the same and join us. I suggest we use Gummeridge’s 1957 rules, and for the Jubilee Line I think Portlock & Watlingham’s 2002 treatise can be considered definitive. No DLR play, of course - any such attempts will cause the offender to lose Runcing rights for 2 turns.

I’ll start with the dull but safe opener Queensway.

New and old players welcome - if anyone needs clarification of the rules, us older hands will be more than happy to help. It’s usually clearer to put actual plays in bold, in case side-discussion of stations is needed.

Debden. It’s a bit early in the game for anything too aggressive.

But never too early for a transfer exchange - Willesden Junction

Good grief - I said this was a friendly. Ah well, so be it: Elephant & Castle.

Theydon Bois

what?..you think I was born yesterday?

Bounds Green

…although I’m not sure if that’s a legal move.

Technically, no, since by default we’re playing in GMT, But as this is a friendly and we’re online let’s agree to operate under the Colonial Codicil, assuming that at least one player is in a conforming time zone. Is everyone OK with that?

Anyway, because of the no DLR rule I can’t play my usual Royal Albert, so Hammersmith it is.

Seems eminently reasonable to me. But then again, I am currently on GMT myself, so I would say that.

I’ll try a lateral move to Ealing Broadway, collecting three wood.

Theydon Bois again!

Once more and I get to claim “Shatner’s Bassoon”!

We are not dealing with Shatner’s on my watch. West Rulslip via overnight shunting, laying two stones on the Piccadilly.

Quite agree, so I’ll overlook the typo, though it could be important later.

I’ll try South Kensington, though it does put me at some risk of a traverse. I can live with that - if it’s good enough for Bartlett, who am I to argue?

I’m going to steal with Judiciary Square under the Yank’s Privilege.

I hope Wedding is allowed according to Occupation Rules. I know it is in Berlin, but it was close to the British Sector.

Because this is a friendly I see no reason to quibble and I think your interpretation is most common. Especially after my cock up spelling during the last round. Bringing us back to diurnal orientation I’ll go with Tooting Bec even though technically I should be using its original name for the Nibs.

Embankment would have earned 5w.


Bother, you’re quite right. No matter, I didn’t want to be lumbered with too much anyway.

I must say I’m not familiar with these foreign gambits, but in the spirit of international co-operation and goodwill, I’m very happy to roll with it. Let’s make a stand at Tower Hill.

As the UK left the EU last night I’m going to play “Westminster” and invoke Carruthers’s high-relevance gambit.

Very pertinent. Returning from Berlin and abusing Telemark’s magnanimity with the friendly rules I will then stop in Brussels on my way back to London through the Chunnel and play Erasmus, in memory of the best programm the EU ever launched.

So you’re telling me that the Chunnel is open after the Brexit deal, it’s New Year’s Day, and the Prince of Cambridge’s Exception is in effect?

In that case, I play Mornington Crescent, but I REFUSE to accept a victory on the basis that Palmerston’s Rule would deem it unsportsmanlike, and yield the advantage to the player three seats to my left.

OK, I’m not sure what precedent to follow here. We could invoke Palmerston’s Rule as mentioned, or rely on the Bypass Overload to simply rule the previous play reversed on account of inclement weather during the New Year Holiday schedule. The end result is the same for this game but it would matter for scoring each player’s IBMC Rating.

I guess we’ll work that all out as play progresses, but I’m not in line for next play. We left off at Erasmus then.