Brits: To what does this refer? (Young Ones gag)

During the YO episode “Summer Holiday”, Alexie Sayle as Jerzy Balowski was giving a sales pitch for his “Jerzy Homes”, during which he pointed out, “And we don’t need to use some old actor flying upside down in a helicopter to sell you a Jerzy Home!”

The audience guffawed at that, so I can only assume that some company did use some old actor flying upside down in a helicopter to sell whatever their product was. Now, I realize that this is a very long shot, that anyone would remember a commercial that was overplayed in 1984, but it’s been eating at me almost that long (allowing for the fact that TYO didn’t appear on US TV until '85), and I’m finally asking about it here. And heck, I can remember a lot of TV commercials, sometimes spontaneously, sometimes with a bit of prodding.

So can anyone help me out? Greatly appreciated!

There was a series of adverts for, I think, Barrett Housing involving a bloke arriving by helicopter at one of their new housing estates, getting out and then telling you how good the houses were…

I’m not certain, but I think the actor was* Ray Barrett* (no relation!) who was pretty big here and in Australia (he was Australian) in the 60s & 70s. He starred in The Troubleshooters and Mogul on tv and films like The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith. His role in the two series I mentioned often involved arriving dramatically by helicopter.

I don’t recall the helicopter in the adverts doing any stunts, though!

I think Meurglys is right … Barratt Homes, with their helicopter zipping around all over the place.

(Bit of a comedown from Thunderbird Five, though. [Ray Barrett, among many other things, provided the voice for John Tracy on Thunderbirds …])

I bet that Rilchiam didn’t post this in GQ as he never expected an answer !

Must admit that I’m impressed by you two remembering that !

Thanks so much! (I’m a she, BTW.)

We need to start a “Non-British Girls Obsessed with the Young Ones” thread then :slight_smile:

I’ve been on a huge Ade Edmonson kick lately. Gah!

I swear, everyone always has Vyv for their favorite. Sometimes Neil, but I always seemed to be the only person who appreciated Rik. Everyone else was like, “He’s so annoying…he’s a jerk and a loser…” and I would say, “But that’s just how good an actor Rik Mayall is! He created a completely unlikeable character and made him funny!”

Not to put down Ade Edmondson, of course; Vyv was funny. But Rik consistently had me ROFL.

To be honest, I think Rik is fabulous as well. I think I’m just really intrigued to see more of what Ade’s like in other roles. I’ve only seen a smidgen of him not yelling :slight_smile:

But there’s not as much Ade out there as Rik. So far I’ve collected all the episodes of “Bottom” plus the live shows - incredible stuff!

They were both great in “Comic Strip Presents” stuff. I like all of the stuff Ade wrote.

Now I’m getting together some of Rik’s “The New Statesman” which is pretty good too. And I even rented “Drop Dead Fred” from netflix. Horrible movie but Rik was great in it!

As fo rthe Young Ones, I don’t have a favorite. They work as a group for sure!

I’m running out of stuff to watch…any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Filthy, Rich and Catflap? (Six episode comedy series with three of the four Young Ones - Mayall, Edmonson, Planer - only shown once, IIRC, not repeated, but a DVD came out in region 2 recently … )

I recall the actor as Patrick Allen, perhaps best known for his role as the eponymous Morocco-based smuggler in Crane (1963-1965) on British TV.

Yeah, I thought that too. He did shed loads of adverts cos of his deep, actory voice, and the Barrets ad featured an obviously overdubbed voice like that. It was part of what made it so ridiculous and ripe for sending up.

You may well be right; I wasn’t completely sure about Ray Barrett

Doh! I forgot I got this too!! VERY funny. Really shows Nigel Planer’s range, eh Daughter? :wink:

I figured out why I can’t get into the New Statesman. I am a 25 year old American girl. I have no concept of 80s British government humor.