Vintage commercials

Growing up in the '60s and '70s, I watched a lot of TV. It’s amazing how often commercials of the time pop into my head. This thread is for remembering commercials of the past. Here’s one that randomly bubbled to the top of my memory just now. Jack In The Box '‘Really Cooking Now’, 1977:

This is a great Alka-Seltzer commercial, it was the beginning of a series of a different type of commercial for something like an antacid product.

This one with inmates in prison got huge notice. This kind of Super Bowl commercial production quality wasn’t that common back then. And these commercials didn’t identify the product right up front, they were meant to entertain and remind the audience of a product they already knew well.

I still remember one, I wish I could find it.’

The scene: rainy night, pizza delivery man is late.

Couple: “It’s about time!”
Delivery man: “Mean night, ya know.”
Husband opens the pizza box; the pizza is stuck to the roof.
“It’s stuck, Helen.”
Helen takes a bite. “Cold again, too,”

It eas probably for something like DiGiornos.

But to this day, when the situation warrants it, I always say “It’s stuck, Helen.”

The ‘Spicy Meatball’ (and ‘I can’t believe I ate the whole thing’) spots are indelible. I don’t remember the prison one.

The Shakeys Pizza Fairy commercials starring Lionel Stander seem to have disappeared from the web.

How’s that?

More than once in the school cafeteria a few guys would start banging on the table in that cadence and everybody would join in and do the chant as well. The enemy, i.e. the poor miserable faculty members who had lunch monitor duty didn’t really mind this antic, just a little noise, no food on the walls, no destruction.

I grew up in the 1980s, so some of these are a bit before my time. As such, the first one that came to my mind was Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” ads.

Closely followed by Domino’s “Avoid the Noid” commercials (which they just recently brought back).

I’ve noticed the Noid has been resurrected for their current campaign.

I have so many old commercials stored in my head, I wouldn’t know where to begin. My favorite is this one for Wendy’s.

And this one for Cordoba. To this day I still marvel at rich Corinthian leather.

Another one that my bro and I laugh about was for a product called The Hindsight Mirror. The version I find online is not the one we love, which includes the line “The Hindsight Mirror hangs neatly on the wall!”

Volkswagen. “Funeral”

I didn’t know Shakeys were still around. I miss it so much! Also not familiar with any of their commercials but this one

That one still makes me laugh. :slight_smile:

Another fave! To this day I can’t think of Ricardo Montalban without thinking of that commercial. Which reminds me of this one:

I always liked this McDonald’s ad. Maybe because my sister is 9 years younger than me.

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There are still quite a few around SoCal. I think they have priced themselves out of lots of markets. Bunch of Lunch is still a thing.

Chuck Wagon. Epic!

I’d forgotten that one! That’s a good one.

I like to say Khan had the Reliant’s captain’s chair done in fine corinthian leather.

My favorite is this 1996 Nissan ad with the GI Joe, Barbie and Ken knockoff puppets:

And who can forget the California Raisins?

Still one of my all-time favorites. “Is next…eveningvear…very nice!”

Here’s the remake with Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts.