Brits: What does "Up, Pompy!" mean?

In the Beatles bios, it’s sometimes stated with regard to their Hamburg days that British servicemen would be in the audiences, trying to stir things up by shouting “Up Pompy!”

What could that mean?

‘Pompey’ = Portsmouth football club. No idea what the Beatles, Hamburg or military connections could be.

Perhaps it’s a mangled reference to the television series Up Pompeii?

Good idea - but perhaps a few years too late for the Hamburg gigs :wink:

Strange thread but I rememember rag and bone men (as in Steptoe and Son) going up the road next to my house shouting something that sounded like: “Heyup Pompey”.

Never knew what they were saying. All I could say for sure was that they weren’t shouting: “Any old rags and bones” as the popular myth went.

Pompey is a rather old slang term for the city of Portsmouth - the origin is obscure, but thought to be nautical.