Broadcast day signal off

Anyone else remember this?
Back in the 70’s, before 24 hour broadcasting, when local channels would sign off for the broadcasting day, somewhere around midnight to 1:00 am, a couple of the channels in the area I grew up would play the video clip linked: , which is the poem High Flight spoken over a video clip of an Air Force jet flying. Did other stations around the country do this as well? The other stations in my region would play the national anthem.

I just remember the anthem, but that was in the 60s. I also remember the Indian.

The anthem with jets flying over, then the Indian, then static. Eventually the Farm Report comes on.

I always liked Kentucky Educational Television. They’d play “My Old Kentucky Home” and show horses running around the paddock.

The NBC affiliate in Little Rock, AR, KARK did.

All the TV stations in my area just played the National Anthem over a film of the waving flag, then either turned off (static) or just broadcast a test screen. And not the indian one, usually just color bars & tone with a station ID on it.

I am originally from Shreveport, and I recall the sign-off music as either Dixie or a version of American Trilogy (a medley of Dixie, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and some lullaby [hush little baby, don’t you cry…]).

I do also recall seeing the Air Force one from time to time. Not sure if that was another Shreveport station, or a sign-off from a station in one of the various other places I’ve lived.

The Altoona, Johnstown, and Pittsburgh TV markets overlapped where I grew up in PA. All the stations played the national anthem at sign off. A couple of them played High Flight. At least one of them had a locally produced sermonette.
The local radio station had a recorded Bible reading by Alexander Scourby followed by the national anthem.

Where are you from, Scumpup? I’m from Johnstown.

Punxsutawney, originally.

All My Trials.”

From Detroit, they did it there too. I was just thinking about that poem, having recently scored a copy of “Carrying the Fire” by Michael Collins. (Collins mentions that every pilot he ever knew had a copy of that poem framed on his desk or office wall.)

I got hit with that crappy “High Flight” glurg as a kid. What crap.

The Quad Cities had a promotional advertisement campaign that shut at least one of the 3 stations down. Unfortunately I have yet to find the video of it but did find a recording:

It showed various manufacturers, places to have fun, people enjoying the river and shots of the eagles above the dams.

And then the National Anthem would play.

The Indian also came on first thing in the morning. I remember staring at it waiting for Captain Kangaroo.

Isn’t this what let the spirits enter the house in Poltergeist?

Do any stations do this anymore? I too clearly remember this. On weekends I was always bummed that I was out of things to do and that it was time for bed.

So do I. :slight_smile:

Not far. Practically neighbors. Channel 6 sent a news crew to Punxy every Groundhog Day. :slight_smile:

None of the stations in Tucson, where I live. They all broadcast 24/7, even if all they run are infomercials overnight.