Broadcaster and former Razorback Pat Summerall died

Pat remained a Razorback suppoerter all his life. He often returned to help with the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame activities.

He was one heck of a broadcaster too. I still think of Pat anytime I watch a NFL game. He was the NFL game voice that I listened to for a long time. He called 16 Super Bowls.


I’ll have a shot for Pat tonight. R.I.P.

:frowning: Buy something from your local TrueValue hardware store in his honor. He had a hard life, 82 years is a pretty good run.

Young whippersnappers don’t remember that George “Pat” Summerall was a player for the Chicago Cardinals and my New York Giants way back when. He was a very good kicker, which is why he got the nickname “PAT” (point after touchdown).

Summerall and Tom Brookshier were the announcers I first listened to as a novice football fan, and I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for them.

I always liked him because we’re the same height.

I hope it was peaceful for him. I know he was sounding rough even back at the last Super Bowl Detroit hosted in 2006.

I’ll remember him as the voice of Madden football.

I did not know that. And I grew up in Dallas, where he was the voice of football amen. Just thought his name was Pat.

Happy to see that John Madden had nothing but good things to say about him.

Pat’s teammate Frank Gifford comments about his friend.

When I was in high school, my dad owned a True Value hardware store. We had a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Pat in the store.

We closed the store just as I graduated from high school (the recession of the early 1980s killed it). Pat wound up in my dorm room. :slight_smile:

He and Madden will forever be my favorite NFL broadcast team. Compare them to a duo like Buck and Aikman and the later are just a joke.

“This oval doesn’t mean a thing by itself, but when you combine it with price, service, and selection it means TruValue Hardware!”

Me too, but I think some of that is nostalgia speaking. Among the new guys I really enjoy Collinsworth and Michaels as a team. They are first rate.