Broadsword calling Danny Boy.... Where Eagles Dare

Easily on of my favorite movies of all time, “Where Eagles Dare” is a classic on all accounts. I think Danzig even made a song about it.

I love good war movies, and have seen quite a few, however I never see this one mentioned. Was this some sort of sleeper, or under appreciated movie? Clint Eastwood? How did a serious movie that he was in get so ignored?

If you like Nazi war movies, and haven’t seen it, do so. I feel confident that you’ll like it as much as I do.

It’s a great movie. You have Eastwood underplaying his part while Burton overplays his. What more can you want?

True dat. It’s a version of Castle Wolfenstein that you are forced to observe, not participate.

“Serious movie”? WED may be an awesome action flick, but it’s the 60’s equivalent of *Die Hard *or the Jason Bourne movies. It is in no way a serious, historical WW2 film.

It’s not a documentary, or a historical rendition. I like your comparison to the Die Hard and Bourne movies, but this predates them. Plus, this movie uses a lot of explosives. A LOT.

In many ways, the movie was a precurser to the more “effcient” action films of the 2000’s. I saw it a year or so ago, and I was struck by how much the characters’ cool, lethal professionalism reminded my of Bourne, or for that matter, Jack Baur.

Awesome movie. I waited a long time for it to be released on DVD, and since I got it I’ve seen it twice a year. A couple of slow bits, but very good fun.

Actually, IIRC, it was Iron Maiden who did “Where Eagles Dare” from the Piece of Mind album.

Both are correct.

Great movie? You didn’t see about seven or eight plot holes? I’ll accept it was an OK mindless shoot-um-up, but not a great movie.

It’s good fun, but I much prefer Kelly’s Heroes, by the same director.


Wonderfully absurd shoot-em-up with good special effects and interesting acting from Eastwood and Burton (there’s a teamup for the ages). But criminally dumb.

“We kinda thought you were the double agent, but we sent a mission into enemy territory and shot up a lot of people, just to be sure.”

I always thought the whole point of the mission was to get the 3 known German agents to write down the lists of all their contacts in England. Ridiculously convoluted way to get the lists, sure, but certainly fruitful. Getting the Colonel was just a bonus.

We made a cable car for our GI Joes when this movie came out. :slight_smile:

"That is right. Tell him he’s a traitor. "

This movie probably has the highest body count of bad guys dead Vs good guys in movie history. I love those compact dynamite bundles complete with timer and trip wire. Great scenes of Iron Annie in winter camouflage flying over the alps, great music.

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“Tell him he’s a renegade.”

One of my all time favorite action films – for its plot, stunts, attitude, music, scenery, everything.

One of the little details I love is in the scene where the escaping team blows up a bridge while a pursuing Kübelwagen is crossing it. The bridge erupts in a sheet of flame, and out of the fireball comes the mangled wreckage of the Kübelwagen to land on the remnants of the bridge on the far side of the gorge. “Made it!”

I still don’t know whether that was a fluke or somehow rigged up to happen on cue.

laughing "That is Schmidt. No question about it. "