Brock Lesnar - even more stupid than he looks

As someone who doesn’t follow so-called ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship’, I had never heard of Brock Lesnar before the last few days. But now, not only do I know who he is, but I’ve also become aware just how stupid and moronic he is as well.

You see, Brock hadn’t been feeling too well so his UFC matches were canceled while he took it easy for a bit. With no bouts scheduled, he decided he’d go up to Canada to do some hunting. While there, in the middle of nowhere, he got deathly ill (from diverticulitis as it turned out) and went to a local hospital. According to Brock, the doctors there were incompetent and at least one critical piece of medical equipment wasn’t working. Frustrated with things, he was driven a couple of hours to Bismarck ND, where, according to Lesnar, he was diagnosed promptly and treated appropriately with no delay.

So why am I bitching about him? This is why. On the basis of his one single experience with the Canadian Health Care system, and that in a ‘middle of nowhere’ type of town, he is now certain that health care in Canada is “third world”. “It was like I was in a Third World country. … I’m just stating the facts here, and that’s the facts. If I had to choose between getting care in Canada or in the United States, I definitely want to be in the United States”.

My God! On the basis of his one fucking encounter with Canadian Health Care, in an isolated location that, he’ll condemn the whole system. Truly a moron.

Huntin’, fishin’ and shootin’ former pro wrestler thinks universal healthcare is a bad idea. Film at 11.

Sounds like someone is looking to run for President, or at least Palin’s VP. Does he also drive a pick-up truck?

I agree with the spirit of your rant, but it actually IS called “Ultimate Fighting Championship”. I know you were trying to be funny but you just look like you’re not only trying too hard, but you’re also stupid.

I believe the inference there is that that’s kind of a goofy name. I mean, you’d probably look at the NFL a little askance if it renamed itself Best Football League Ever.

It is so called Ultimate Fighting Championship!

Thank you for explaining it to him. I really think he is trying.

Those credentials do qualify you to be governor of Minnesota, so don’t deride them so quickly.

“no, u r a fucken moran!”[/LesnarFan]

I think it’s a valid point. One big argument for UHC is the ‘universal’ part. Everybody receives the same quality of care. Nobody gets preferential treatment because they are rich, well located, etc.

His example is a direct counter point to that. In Bumfuck, Canada, he got crappy treatment, incompetant doctors, and broken equipment. On the otherhand, in Bumfuck, US, he got competent care.

Just consider his example to be analogous to all the ‘My insurance wouldn’t cover my treatment because I lied on my application, then I went bankrupt, so now I don’t have any money but I actually did get my treatment but OMG US health services are EV1l!!!’ that get thrown around in reform debates. It’s a datapoint, but hardly indicative of the system as a whole.

Not if it were shown on VH1.

Your second paragraph directly contradicts your first.

I may have to eat a piece of humble pie. Although I don’t know where he went in Canada for treatment, I am beginning to suspect it might have even been Winnipeg (only a WAG). That is hardly ‘middle of nowhere’.

Withal, my point about him decrying the entire system on the basis of his single encounter with it, remains.

One might also point out that if he were Brock Lesnar, dirt poor loser, and not Brock Lesnar, filthy rich athlete, the care he got in Bumfuck US, may not have been that great either. Or at the very least, he’d go bankrupt for taking advantage of it.

So is “Brock Lesnar,” which I would’ve guessed to result from a series of ping-pong balls pulled from the TV Weatherman Appellation Tumbler*.

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And let us not forget his jujitsu is sub-par.

Not exactly. You have to include ex-Navy Seal and Predator co-star (we’ll leave out the conspiracy nut stuff, as the true depths of Jesse’s idiocy didn’t emerge until after he was elected). Without those, Brock doesn’t stand a chance.

Not sure I follow.

In Canada, with UHC, shouldn’t he have been able to receive quality competent care no matter where he went? He wasn’t able to. (Unless incompetent care is the standard there, which isn’t a flag I’d think UHC proponents would want to hoist)

And in the US, without UHC, shouldn’t he have had to go to a big fancy expensive hospital to get quality care, not just some crap hole in ND? Doesn’t seem to have been the case.

Eh, he got the “American Special” {wink wink}; he doesn’t think we’d waste our good healthcare on an American, does he? We can never get the American insurance companies to pay up when we bill them, so we try to give visiting Americans all the healthcare we can afford to lose.

Dude, in all fairness to Bismark, it’s the state capital and a city of over 100,000 people, hardly a crap hole. And if he drove from Winnipeg, he travelled close to 400 miles after crossing the US border, so it’s not like he stopped in the first wide spot in the road upon reaching the United States.