Brock Lesnar - even more stupid than he looks

I don’t think that the ex-Navy Seal part is essential, but you’ve got me on the Predator thing. Maybe Brock can star in a remake - we should be about due.

As opposed to a former Saturday Night Live writer.

Clearly all health care in the United States is perfect. That’s why there are no medical malpractice attorneys. No physician in the United States has ever misdiagnosed a patient. Which makes our expensive system and exclusionary system worth every penny.

I would like to hear the other side of the story from the doctors and hospital in Canada. So far, all we have is the word of a pro-wrestler, a self identified “conservative republican” that he got crappy treatment. Perhaps he was just pissed that he was not seen right away because “he’s important”, and some poor bum with a critical condition got into emerg. before him. Perhaps he was pissed because he did not get a private room with fresh flowers and catering.

My point is, I’d like to hear what the actual situation was from someone who could look at the situation a bit dispassionately, and from a medical perspective, instead of from a “I’m a celebrity, look at me” perspective.

Health care debate by anecdote is a pandemic of stupid.

This is well put sir. Bravo!

Of course not.

Regardless of who is paying for it, there are always going to be differences in the standard of care across regions, cities, facilities and even individual providers. UHC doesn’t suddenly turn healthcare workers into identical robots, and nor does it turn poorly run hospitals into good ones (or vice versa).

Never going to happen (except, perhaps, anonymously). Officials from both the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan have already refused comment (citing privacy laws). So, we don’t even what province he was talking about.

Jackmannii: You are referring, I trust, to the brute I spoke about in my OP.

Couldn’t care less what Brock Lesnar or any of the other UFC/NHB fighters say or think about just about any social or political matter. But MAN that Brock Lesnar can BRING IT in the octogan! :eek: I was very happy to hear he intends to return to the ring.

Wonder how he feels about state athletic commissions.

From what I have heard, this story is all a big dumb bag o’ duh anyway.

Apparently, the more competent US Doctors he saw prior to his trip had misdiagnosed him originally, stating he had Mononucleosis.

Then after he spent a couple of hours in the Canadian hospital he can judge our entire system as 3rd world on the one visit. Of course, it completely ignores the fact he was misdiagnosed in the first place by several of the “Best Doctors” in the world.

I’m not putting much credence in his view. After all its just the opinion of a guy who has a the job of being pummeled in the head and rolling around on the ground with another sweaty dude in a cage for the entertainment of other men.

Just sayin’ is all

I agree … although if you’ve seen this guy fight, you’d realize his job is the pummeling, not the being pummelled. He’s a beast; a freak of nature.

He couldn’t get 'roids up there. That’s probably the real problem. That, and the lack of narcotic-level painkillers, just 'cause ya got a boo boo.

Fair enough… but they all eventually take a shot or two to the head and I figure that doesn’t help him forming eloquent, logical, arguments for or against UHC.

Isn’t this the same guy who, after a championship match last year, literally gave the middle finger to the bout’s sponsor, Budweiser, and said he only drinks Coors? And then during the press conference he said he was going to go home and lay on top of his wife?

Yeah, a class act all around! But a fuckin BEAST in the octogan! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s him. Wasn’t a literal middle finger, but a figurative one. It was a spoken slight against the sponsor, Bud Light. He did give a middle finger to the crowd who didn’t like his WWE-type antics.

That would be him, yes.

Suffice to say that cogent argument isn’t his strong point.

I do note the hypocrisy of those who say the HC systems shouldn’t be judged by anecdote, however. Seems to me the UHCers have been parrotting sob stories about people dying and going bankrupt for years. One counterexample–ill-thought as it may be–is just part of the dialogue.

Except that dying and/or going bankrupt due to the inability to pay for care is a feature of the for-profit system, while occasional shitty care is a universal feature of all healthcare models.