Broken Angel... well... dinged... (kids, injury, not serious)

Yesterday my little angel, Alexander took a bit of a tumble off a very low part of our deck (no more than a couple of feet) and managed to injure his wrist.

Obviously favouring it, and being very unhappy, he was whisked off to the Doctor – who thought it a sprain – and thence to X-ray… where a greenstick fracture was found.

A little later and I’m holding him as he’s having a plaster cast applied to his right arm. (Throughout which he was a very cool kid).

Apparently we have to keep the cast dry… which is going to be something a challenge with a super-active water obsessed two year old who’ll play in any available aquatic source with zero encouragement.

Last night was no so much fun, grizzly and grumpy and not interested in sleep… all I can say is; thank goodness for Pamol.

We weren’t sure about sending him to day care today, but the care provider was happy enough and so off he went. The group went to the zoo for a trip and I understand that he enjoyed himself immensely (feeding ducks) and had a really good day. Hopefully he’s all worn out and will sleep well tonight. Looks like he doesn’t always bounce, but he does seem to have bounced back.

The cast gets checked in 3 weeks… I have a feeling it will feel like a bit longer than that. :slight_smile:

Poor lil’ guy. All my best for a speedy recovery! Keeping the cast dry will NOT be easy! Good luck…


Good luck keeping it dry long enough… :slight_smile:

May it heal quickly, and time speed by…

Awww … poor wee nipper! {{{Alexander}}}

Same thoughts here, Apollyon. A speedy recovery for your darling boy. All the best.

Poor kiddo. Those broken bones hurt! He may make a very fast recovery though - Dweezil broke his upper arm (humerus, but decidedly unfunny when he was 4, requiring pins. He had the cast removed in 4 weeks and it had healed quite well. He had an x-ray at 3 weeks when he fell and it looked pretty much healed at that point. So hopefully your Alexander will be cast-free in 3 weeks!

Do keep it dry (I guess a plastic/fiberglass cast wasn’t an option?) - which will be a challenge when bathing. Dweezil was at a stage where he violently fought baths when this occurred and we were afraid of soaking the cast or reinjuring the arm. So we sponge-bathed the diaper area. Nor would he cooperate with any sort of hair-cleaning attempts. So he went 4 full weeks between hairwashings. BLECCCCCCH. Didn’t look so bad, actually, but you did not want to get your nose too close to his hair.

Thank you for the kind thoughts and words.

An alternative to a basic plaster cast wasn’t offered Mama Zappa – something water proof would have been nice. :slight_smile:
Alex loves baths (and water generally) — so the problem is going to be avoiding a soaking from enthusiasm rather than struggle. I’m glad Dweezil’s break worked out OK – and grateful that Alex’s was a simple fracture (no pins, etc).

Things were generally better last night – although at midnight I was sitting up with him (after he’d managed a few hours asleep) waiting for the 4 hours to roll around to allow another dose of pain-killer before putting him back to bed.

Better sleep tonight – fingers crossed. :slight_smile: