Broken denture repair?

Yesterday I managed to break my denture! I took them to my dentist and he stated that because of the age of the denture (about 10 years) and the placement of the crack that it would be more feasable to replace than repair. I agreed.

We took the required molds and impressions and in aproximately 2 weeks I will be sporting brand new choppers.

My delimma is that I recieved a call for a job interview this morning, I don’t really feel comfortable meeting this person without teeth. I decided to attempt a repair with super glue.

I have made the repair and the glue seems to be holding up fine outside my mouth. I got to thinking though that the chemicals in super glue might be dangerous to my health. It has been about 3 hours since the repair and the should be well dried. Are they safe? Will my own saliva undermine the glue? I would hate that I have unwittingly played a part in my own demise!


Was Super Glue invented to seal battle wounds in Vietnam?