Superglue question...uh oh

My teeth are broken and I want to super glue them!

Well, really they’re orthodontic vampire fangs (kinda like a retainer that fits over the front gum) and they look so good. I don’t have time to send them to the dental lab to get them fixed — will I be poisoning myself if I bond them back together with a tiny drop of superglue and wear them?


Would you be violating the warranty? Or otherwise really annoying the guys back at the lab, when you do get around to taking them in to be fixed?

Eh, I wouldn’t, mainly so as to avoid annoying the lab guys. I don’t think you’d be poisoning yourself, but that’s just a WAG. You can’t just go down to Spencer Gifts and get some real fake fangs?

My dentist told me that they started using superglue in Vietnam to do emergency dental repairs until they could get the guy home. It was also used to glue jaw fragments back together to avoid wiring the jaw. So, go to it. Send us a picture.

Not a WAG… Cured superglue is not toxic. (provided your particular brand didn’t add something wierd to it)

One tip, use as tiny a drop as you can get in there. The thinner the layer of glue is, the stronger the bond. Also, any spill over would probably give the tooth an unpleasant rough texture.

My wife is a nurse. She says that they routinely use superglue to close wounds in lieu of stitching. I have done this on myself before.

What ** Mr. Zambesi** said. Cured glue should be non toxic.

Back when I flew model aircraft, we used superglue on a regular basis to close skin cuts while out at the flying field.

Send a picture!

And as GaryM would probably endorse.

If you really want some good quality glue, go to a modeling store and get some made for RC aircraft. It is MUCH better than what you get at the supermarket.

For your particular purpose, Zap, Jet, or Hot Stuff in their thin/fast formulation would probably be ideal.

Eeeeeexcellent. Thanks for the help. Now for the hard part-- to decide if I want to go as Jason Patric from The Lost Boys or a more elegant Tom Cruisey LeStat…I’ve got the contacts already…woo!

“I am a donut”

I worked for a group of engineers in Germany who developed one of the first “super glue” products and they told me it was originally designed for use on the human body to avoid the danger of stiches causing infection, or the need to go back and “un-stich” somebody.
They applied for a patent in the U.S. and, after a long wait, got back an acceptance, but it was only for the specific part of the body it was tried on, not the entire human body…the Germans didn’t realize it would have to be tested seperately on EACH organ. They quickly calculated it would take decades before they got full FDA approval for use in all general surgical procedures.
They gave up, put it out as a general consumer product to be used on shoes, wood, toilet seats etc. (and urban myths(?) about angry women using glue on unfaithful men’s naughtybits for revenge).
In any case, the original design was for the human body, so unless there has been major chemical formula changes in the meantime, or you have a specific allergy, chances are it won’t harm you.

Hold up you can close a wound w/ superglue? thats awesome!

Superglue is also used for a medical procedure called embolization. This is done in the setting of an abnormal growth of blood vessels (like an arteriovenous fistula). These things have a tendency to bleed spontaneously, are difficult to remove operatively (because of profuse bleeding), and can be in troubling places (like inside the brain).

To get rid of them, superglue is introduced into the arterial side of the vascular anomaly through a catheter. If all goes well, it’s bye bye fistula.