Broken DVD Player?

My dvd player seems to be acting up, it is putting out to much green tint.:mad:

I am hooked up to aux-a using an s-vidio connector, when I use the regular red/white/yellow audio-vidio connector I have the same problem. I can hook my camcorder to aux-a and I get true to life colors and I am having no problem with my cable signal on ant-a.

This dvd player is not a cheap model and it is only 6 months old. Is this a commen failure mode for dvd players? Does it just need cleaned? It does this on several dvd’s and I have noticed a slight flash every now and then.

Would appreciate any input.


Most DVD color output processing is via onboard solid state electronics. It’s most likely a hardware component issue beyond user tweakability. Get it serviced. If only 6 months old it should be in warranty.

Hope you are not watching The Matrix ? :d As a special effect all scence inside the “matrix” have a green tint.

Could you be more specific as to the models of the DVD Player and TV ?

Try removing the scart connection from the back of your TV (if you have one). Also, try connecting through the S-video inputs and remove all other Video connections (that red/white/yellow - u mentioned).