Broken Flowers

I watched this film last night and I gotta tell you it left me so bloody frustrated.

I mean…

Who wrote the letters?
Who was Bill Murrays son?

FFS films shouldn’t end like this one did.

Have to say that Alexis Dziena who appeared stark bollock naked is one hot chick

Also the scene at the cemetary when Murray says “Hello Beautiful” is one of the saddest I’ve ever seen on film.

A fairly decent film apart from the ending

Jim Jarmusch’s films leave me a little cold. I really loved the soundtrack, though.

I went through a range of emotions while watching the film, and I have to say that had you told me going into it what the ending was going to be, I wouldn’t have wanted to see the movie, but (and this is the key point, I think) by the time we got to the ending, I wanted the ending that we got. I didn’t want the wraps-everything-up-neatly-in-a-ribbon ending that we so often get in Hollywood movies. Of course, the fact that I might very well find myself in a situation similar to Bill Murray’s might have something to do with that.

The wife and I loved that film. I go with the theory that his girlfriend at the beginning wrote them out of spite. Julie Delpy. I agree with the power and poignancy of the cemetery scene. And did you see the expression on his face when he was told early on by his buddy that she had died? The sudden shock?

Well I don’t know so much about his g/f at the beginning writing them.

I mean what motive would she have, where was the typewriter, and why pink?

I reckon it was his buddy, Winston, if you recall he was into crime and detection book writing and I figure it was his way of finding a new plot scenario.

As I said in my OP the cemetary scene was one of the saddest I’ve ever seen, especially the way Bill Murray spoke to a grave, the grave of a woman he once loved…sad indeed

“That was quite an outfit you weren’t wearing earlier.”

I thought she was cute in Mimic 3: The Sentinel, so I was pleasantly surprised to get a better look in Broken Flowers.

I love all of Bill Murray’s “sad sack movies.” I thought Broken Flowers was okay when I first saw it, but it really stuck with me. I just queued it up on the DVR to watch it again and see how it holds up.

If you could search, previous threads on the movie were filled with piddling complaints like “we turned it off after the second time the mapquest logo was shown.” I was greatly disappointed in the lack of discussion.

This is the kind of movie that needs to be more popular, what with the plethora of meaningful roles for 40-something women.

This movie hit a little too close to home. And that’s all I’m saying about that.

Fantastic film, I thought.

I believe that was a theory mentioned in the movie itself. I didn’t get the feeling it was the buddy, and it clearly was not one of the women he looked up. So I went with that theory. But still, it really does not matter who wrote them. Without them, there’d be no movie. For me, it’s enough that they are there.

It’s been a couple years since I’ve seen it, so the movie isn’t that fresh in my head, but I remember having my own theory that his ex-gf lied when she said he had a son, and when he saw his real-life son at the end of the movie, I thought that it was symbolizing that he was gonna spend his whole life thinking everybody who is the right age might be him.

The kid at the end turned out not to be his son. Bill Murray got it into his head that it was, but it turned out not to be.

I was one of the people making that piddling complaint (though that logo turned up a lot more than twice). Although I walked out on the movie, I also like Murray’s sad-sack characters, so I’ll probably give it another chance one of these days.

The kid he sees at the end of the movie is played by Homer Murray, Bill’s real life son. I gathered that he was casted in that role to give him a strong resemblance to Bill’s character, but only in his eyes…and that from now on he would think that any boy that age COULD potentially be his son.

Do you mean the kid in the car or the one he bought the sandwich for?

I may be wrong but I could see a slight Murrayness in the sammich kid

Wow! I did not know that was his real son. I thought it pretty clear his character was not Bill Murray’s character’s son after all, but yes, I did feel he would go through life wondering.

chowder, you probably won’t like The Darjeeling Limited or Our Very Own, either.

The kid in the car, NOT the kid he bought the sandwich for.

Ah. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the movie. I thought **fusoya ** meant the kid he bought the sandwich for was Bill Murray’s real-life son. I don’t seem to recollect a kid in any car.

Consider these 2 films on my to see list.

Thanks a bunch you bastard :smiley:

The Darjeeling Limited was superb, everyone should see that film (and it’s hardly a Bill Murray film as he’s on screen a total of about 90 seconds).

Zombie bump! It was either that or start the 5th or 6th thread on the topic.

I watched it this morning and really, really liked it. It’s definitely a mood piece, but I don’t find Bill Murray all that deadpan, and I enjoyed taking this weird, uncertain little trip with him. The great music is a bonus.

As for the ending (I assume I should still spoiler this),

I think it’s less important who is son is, and more important that by the end of the movie he wants to know the answer.