Just watched Bill Murray in "Broken Flowers" - What did you think of this movie?

The end is a bit surprising. Reactions tend to be a bit polarized on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics liked it a lot more than the public.

What did you think of it? Still mulling over my own reaction.

I thought it was a waste of time.

I liked it. Then again I like Bill Murray.

I enjoyed it. Possibly because it reminded me of The Story of Spoke.

So, Spoke, how many illegitimate children do you have that were born after the mother of that child broke up with you?

What year did this movie come out? Was it in theatres, I assume? I like Bill Murray, but I musta missed this one!

Well, OK, minus the illegitimate children. But the parade of former girlfriends looked familiar. I liked High Fidelity for the same reason.

It was the first “arty funny” Murray movie wasn’t it? I think it predates Rushmore.

I liked it a lot, including the ending.

In 2005, in theatres. Never saw it myself. It has 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broken_flowers

Not that many chuckles actually.

I saw it back when the DVD came out. I liked it, but Jim Jarmusch movies aren’t for everyone.

Although Bill Murray is in almost every shot, it’s probably best to think of it as a Jim Jarmusch film than a Bill Murray film.

I liked it, probably mostly for the very reasons that many people hate it. It paints a situation, a state of being, and it doesn’t give you answers.

I loved almost everything about it, especially the Ethiopian jazz score. The African neighbor with his amateur detective skills left me a bit cold, though, as did the artsy-fartsy ending, but Bill Murray made a conscious choice a few years ago to work more with up-and-coming directors and less with SNL/SCTV guys like Harold Ramis; the choice has worked well for him (although honestly, both Ramis and Jarmusch broke into film within a couple years of each other in the early 80s, so the avant-garde tag on Jarmusch is a little stale by now).

I love Jim Jarmusch movies in general, but have less love for Broken Flowers then any of his others.

I like most of Jarmusch’s other films and I like Murray but this one didn’t work for me.

Holy crap. I seriously thought this movie was 1999 or 2000. Wow.

I think this movie is “awkward” funny. The underage naked girl on the phone. The attempts at the hug at the end. A lot of the business with the friend who wants to “solve” the mystery. They are all played for uncomfortable laughs.

Rushmore came out 7 years before Broken Flowers ('98 vs '05).

Love Broken Flowers. I saw it maybe three times when it was fresh; and every time I see Billy Murray in something I like (most recently Moonrise Kingdom,) i think I’d like to watch it again.