Bronies - the documentary on Netflix

Has anyone seen it yet? Bronies is a movie about, well, the bronies and how they came together and what the group is like. I have yet to see it, though it is on my queue of movies to see soon, but plan to soon.

For those that do not know, Bronies are adult men that enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I am not one and have only seen the show with my 5 year-old girl, but I am interested in the phenomenon and I believe we have a few bronies here on the board.

Anyway, has anyone seen it yet? Thoughts? Is it fair?

Here is the link.

I havent seen it yet but have heard of the phenom… I guess there are military squads with the name too??? I dont know but it makes me go HUH? My 15 yr old daughter was sort of into them when she was 4 and heard about this and refused to have anything to do with it, now she has watched a few shows and said she likes it now??? Is it something in the water?

Yup, that dreaded hydrogen oxide.

People assure me that the writing is very, very good.

(I’ve never watched the show, but have read some of the comic books… And, yeah, the writing there is very good indeed.)

Didn’t the bronie thing start out as a 4chan joke?

I saw it when it first came out. It’s heavy on the Convention side of things - the film basically follows people as they make their way to various Brony Cons - but they pretty much cover most things. It’s worth pointing out that the film was made quite early on in the fandom, but things haven’t really changed that much since except that it’s got bigger and, it seems to me at least, more acceptable to the mainstream.

Whilst you certainly don’t need to be a brony to enjoy the doc (it assumes you know nothing about the fandom), it probably errs a little too much on the positive side of things.

Also, John De Lancie is awesome.

I’ve watched it on the Netflix. It didn’t really hold my interest, and not because I don’t care about My Little Pony. There was no real narrative at all, just dudes talking about My Little Pony and why they like it.

These are not the old tea-party-having ponies*. These ponies kick dragons in the face, fight evil sorcerers, joust dark goddesses, stare down cockatrices, battle armies of shapeshifting psychic vampires, and generally blow &*%# up.

*Okay, sometimes they have parties. Pretty often, actually… Sometimes, however, those parties are deeply disturbing.

Same, although I didn’t watch the whole doc.

*Okay, sometimes they have parties. Pretty often, actually… Sometimes, however, those parties are deeply disturbing.[/QUOTE]

Hay, that made me giggle a little.

Haven’t seen the doc but no somebody who just wrote a Brony-themed comedy musical.

Personally, the phonomenon is odd to me in the same way that adults really into Harry Potter and Disney movies are odd to me. Not odd bad, just odd in that I can’t really fathom it.

But if they’re sincere and it makes them happy (or ironic and their irony makes them happy) then have at it.