Brooklyn Tech is burning!!!!!

My alma mater, the high school both me and my husband graduated from (he the year before I started) and the school my son now attends— is burning.

Since the beginning of this school year there have been no less than 5 fires. 3 serious enough to empty the school (not an easy undertaking seeing as how enrollment is at 4 or 5 thousand students) and 2 bad enough to have to send all the kids home.
We Technites are a proud bunch. Our school is one of the best in the city and it is now clear that there is an arsonist afoot. Today, before all the kids were sent home, the principal gave a small speech. They will find who it is who is starting these fires and they will be dealt with harshly.
Gives new meaning to that old kiddy song we all used to sing:
*Mine eyes have seen the glory
Of the burning of the school
We have tortured every teacher
and have lynched the principal
We have torn up all the textbooks
and have broken every rule
And that’s the end of school. *

We have tortured every teacher
And broken every rule
Now we’re marching
Down the hall
To shoot the principal
We ain’t going to school no more…


Haven’t heard any version of that in years and years! We used to sing it on the school bus on the way to school. If kids today tried that, there would be a massive fuss! :eek:

Very sorry your alma mater has a fire bug. Fire bugs suck horrible rotten mung.

Are you sure it wasn’t just a burning student?

That seems to be the norm these days.

No, we Technites are too smart to set each other on fire. But not the school, as the Fire Marshals, detectives, the Chancellor, and all the other bigwigs told us. As of now there are so many high-ranking emergency officials there I think that even the principal was afraid of breaking a rule.
They’re pretty sure it’s arson, as two fires(and a string of false alarms) tend to point toward these things. Geez. I think us students should be on a first name basis with the firemen, they’ve been to Tech so much.

As one of the Younger Technite’s on the boards (Class of 97) I have to say, saddy tech is going down hill. THose kids are F’in NUTS.

WHen I was there they through a kid out for having expolsives in his locker. HE wasn’t trying to kill anyone 9thank GOD) just petty vandalism. Freshman year, kids blew up a bathroom. in 1998 they burned down that little area behind the libary. The little cubby thing where people used to cut and horny–well you know what I’m talking about, its gone.

And then there was the report 3 years ago that Tech had the most incident reports per 100 students out of all 3 Speicalized high schools.

So there is a breakdown somewhere, and its not cool

Yeah, its starting to go downhill, but there’s a long way for us to go yet. And like numerous teachers point out to us, at least we’re consistent and we stick to one thing only(fire) as opposed to Stuy with the drugs and fire, and Bronx Science with all the guns.

Us specialized schools don’t get along. Could you tell?

Us specialized schools don’t get along. Could you tell?

My dad went to Brooklyn Tech and was thrown out for calling a teacher a Nazi. This was about 50 years ago, so don’t blame him for the fires .

Hey, I went to BS in the late seventies and early eighties, fer gawdsakes, with the Bronx burning down around our ears. Nobody told me I could get a gun! Where’s mine??

Biggirl, though, seriously, that sucks. Often these things are outsiders coming in–how’s security at your school? Ours sucked but not much happened–drug dealers were mellower back then and if you didn’t bother them, etc., very rarely the guys from Dewitt Clinton or the Villa Avenue gang would mug kids, but that was it. W

My husband just called to ask about Zoltarb. The fire actually made the 5 o’clock news. Three seperate fires started in different locations at about the same time.

That sounds like whoever this arsonist is was serious about burning down the school.

I’m a Bronx Science alum. I’m sorry to hear about your arson-related difficulties.

Anyway, my guess is… it’s those lunatics at Stuyvesant setting the fires!!! You’d better think up some good plan for revenge…

runs off