Brothas do it again!

All three medals in the 200m went to Americans! Shawn Crawford, gold; Bernard Williams, silver; Justin Gatlin; bronze. Also got the gold (Dwight Phillips) and silver (John Moffitt) in the long jump. Earlier, we swept the men’s 400m (Jeremy Wariner, Otis Harris, Derrick Brew).

Which gives us a total of 5 gold, 8 silver, and 5 bronze in track and field. Top of the heap: immediately below us is Russia, with 2, 1 and 4.

Justin Gatlin, men’s 100m.
Joanna Hayes, women’s 100m hurdles.
Shawn Crawford, men’s 200m.
Jeremy Wariner, men’s 400m.
Dwight Phillips, men’s long jump.

Lauryn Williams, women’s 100m.
Allyson Felix, women’s 200m.
Bernard Williams, men’s 200m.
Otis Harris, men’s 400m.
Bryan Clay, men’s decathalon.
Matt Hemingway, men’s high jump.
John Moffit, men’s long jump.
Adam Nelson, men’s shot put.

Maurice Greene, men’s 100m.
Melissa Morrison, women’s 100m hurdles.
Justin Gatlin, men’s 200m.
Derrick Brew, men’s 400m.
Deena Kastor, women’s marathon.

I’m telling you, we own that category.


I’m wondering when Frankie Fredericks will have a heart attack.

What category? Doping without getting caught?

Besides Marion Jones :smack: , who are you talking about?

Update, while I’m here:

Gold: Tim Mack, men’s pole vault.

Silver: Terrence Trammel, men’s 110m hurdles; Toby Stevenson, men’s pole vault.