Holy crap! Canada won a gold medal in WHAT?!?!

Gymnastics folks. Canada won a gold medal in gymnastics. Not rowing. Not swimming. Not triathalon (at least not yet). Nope - gymnastics. :slight_smile:

Well, I for one would just like to say: Way to go Kyle Shewfelt! wOOt!

Canada has never won an Olympic medal in gymnastics in ANY color, so gold is pretty cool. :slight_smile:

I thought that was great! As soon as he finished his routine, I turned to my wife and said, ‘I think we may have just seen the Gold Medal winner.’ Good for Canada! :cool:

I felt bad for Morgan Hamm, though. He had a great routine, just too long. If he hadn’t had the deduction for going over time, he would have taken bronze, I think. :frowning:

He stuck his landing like a javellin into a marshmallow. Very, very nice performance.

I saw that routine and thought, “Damn, what a great routine! Who the heck was that?” Of course the giant Labatts label on his uniform gave away his country of origin. :wink:

Congrats on the gold there, very well deserved. And in case any Aussies pop in, your women were fantastic on the platform yesterday! (First Australian medals in diving, and they took Gold and Bronze)

I was assuming it would be in Moose jumping or something. :slight_smile:

And he’s pretty.

Matt, they’re male gymnasts. They’re almost all handsome (probably even the fuzzy headed ones with a little conditioner and the right stylist).

  • Shibb, who is still straight, AFAIK

Technically, Trampoline falls under the ‘gymnastics’ category at the Games, which means Canada has a total of 3 gymnastics medals (including the bronze from Sydney).

Now if only the FIG weren’t frigging stupid, Shewfelt would have even more…

I’m afraid you are incorrect, sir. They’re all well built, but some fall short of handsome by quite a margin.

Speaking truth to power,
TeaElle, who knows from handsome