Browncoats - official map of the the 'Verse

Courtesy of AICN

Tempted to put this in the gamne room since it is intended for the Serenity RPG. But it also movie / tv based and artistic:


Oooh - indeed shiny.

Oddly enough, I was just trying to sort out relative positions of a few moons around fifteen minutes ago. Doing a firefly tale for my second Nano this year, and travel between two nearby moons, one of them Bellerophon, (where Mal and YoSafBridge stole the Lassiter) is a plot point.

I had made the second moon Verbena, without realizing that in another story I had mentioned that as one of the two moons of Boros, with the other being Ares. :smack:

Oh well.

So how did they come up with the positions of all the moons and worlds? I don’t think the series or movie ever actually stated every single place and their positions relative to each other.

Dude…what do you think fans do? :smiley:

I kind of like it. One huge solar system doesn’t make sense, but neither do a bunch of different solar systems since they don’t have ftl. So a meta solar system works pretty well, even if it’s not well supported by real astronomy. It also explains stuff like “Blue Sun” corporation. It’s also cool that each sun system is tied to a different aspect of Chinese astrology. Plus it’s pretty. I wish I had a job making these sorts of things all day.

It says it’s official. Does that mean Joss has given his approval?

Serenity Graphic Designer Serenity Geoffrey Mandel was involved, and it says it was “approved”, but no specific mention of Joss’ involvement.