Brownie points

What is the origin of the term “brownie points”
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Definition according to the Dictionary of Slang:

brownie-point Noun. A hypothetical award for achievement, usually given as a backhanded compliment for sycophantic behaviour.

And the following definition on that page is:

brown-nose Verb. To overly praise or behave sycophantically, i.e. to ‘arse-lick’.

I, ahem, suspect that the two terms are closely related.

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A brownie is a mythical fairie or sprite that was believed to do some helpful chores while the mortals slept. Thus, if you perform unsolicited work for somebody, you are said to be vying for brownie points, or simply behaving in the manner of a brownie.

What the exact value of an individual brownie point is, I don’t know. Maybe they can be traded in, like Green Stamps.

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