"away and raffle yer donut" ???

What does it mean? Is it a stong insult? Help!

oh to be able to edit… :rolleyes:

In moments of doubt, it is wise to consult a book with the words don’t panic in large friendly letters on the cover.

Okay, so for the teeming millions who are reading this thread and who wonder if suddenly they have been transported to Bizarro World where English is transformed into a nonsense language, what the hell is this phrase supposed to mean?

To raffle…to sell tickets for a prize. The winner is picked out of a hat.
Yer doughnut…think figuratively rather than literally. A body part resembling a doughnut.

It’s like “away off and sell your hole to the highest bidder”.

Oh, lovely. That definitely solves the part about the donut…

Confirming this-I put an email to a good friend and lifelong Scot who says the same thing as irishgirl. I’d gathered it was dismissive, just wasn’t sure quite how much so. :smiley: