I swear to Odin, Zeus and any other God out there that if I ever meet the slimeball who wrote that shit parasite, I’m gonna stomp a mudhole in his chest where his coal-black heart should have been.

The postitive spin I can put on the experience is I now know far more about Windows Registry than I did when I got to work Monday.

Stbl2, I curse you from the Pits of Hell! A whole bunch of other shit registry keys, too.

You must, MUST, always include a disclaimer in posts like this that you don’t want to be subjected to a Linux driveby-o-mercial.

Ditto for Mac, Mozilla, et. al.

You’re probably right.


I have a Mac at home; but I’m forced to use a Windows XP box at work. So for all those disciples out there, I don’t need to be told about the virtues of other systems.

I’m a big fan of Mozilla/Firefox and Linux, and I think OSX Macs are cool.

But you shouldn’t have to use a Mac, Mozilla, etc to avoid spyware. Fuck the people who write spyware. With a red-hot poker. They are worse than spammers or telemarketers.