Bruce 2000, "The 12th Man". Anyone got it?

Any fellow Australians should be familiar with The 12th Man, he’s the guy who impersonates Richie Benaud and the rest of the commentary team in a satircal way.

You may also be familiar with the way he twists people’s names, like:

Jar-Vegemite-for Miandad.

Arquib Ma-teeth-in-a-jar-beside-the-bed.

On his latest release, “Bruce 2000”, he is at it again, making fun of people’s names, such as the Russian high jumper “Betcha not-gonna-get-ova”, and the Swedish Runner “Lars Perrson”.


There is a bit where he is commentating and he says the name “Waheed Ala Heem.”

I can not for the life of me work out what the play on words is here.

You can get it off Napster, just search for “Bruce 2000 The 12th man”, it’s at the 1 minute stage so you don’t have to get it all…

He says:

“The Russian Gobdim Off in lane 4, Waheed Ala Heem in lane 5…”.

Any ideas?