Bruce Greenwood as Christopher Pike in new Star Trek movie

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I must admit, I went from hating this movie idea to being mildly curious to really interested. The only question mark I have is the guy they got for Kirk, but I’m rather pleased with the rest of the cast.

Now if Abrams can restrain himself from having them all search for the Rimbaldi device, we’ll be good to go.

Not a bad choice acting-wise, but he’s too old. Greenwood is 52 now, while Jeffrey Hunter (who always looked young for his age anyway) was 40 when he played Pike in the OST (which presumably takes place quite a few years after this “prequel”).

Yeah, I think he’s too old. He’s a good actor, though - did a good job in I Robot in a relatively small part. He played JFK in Thirteen Days and, although he didn’t look all that much like Kennedy, was pretty good in the role.

When does the “prequel” take place? According to Memory Alpha, Pike was in command of Enterprise from around 2251, until around 2264. Canonically, I don’t think it is stated that Kirk took over from Pike, but the dates more or less correspond. Kirk went to the Academy in 2250, and graduated in 2254. The episode at Talos documented in “The Cage” occurs in 2254. So it will depend on when the prequel is set.

You lost me at “Memory Alpha”. :stuck_out_tongue:

It should be noted that my previous post essentially exhausted just about everything I know or remember about ST. :smiley:

I’ve been under the impression this is both a prequel AND a reboot. Which to my mind means they are going to be respectful of the established continuity but not beholden to it. That means Pike can be any age they want. And maybe McCoy was always the Dr on the Enterprise with Kirk, instead of that guy they had.

Also, there’s been no mention of Gary Mitchell, supposedly, one of Kirks longest and bestest friend.

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My biggest concern is gonna be a teeny-bopper feel, with the young cast and vague memories of Starship Troopers in my head. Gotta put my faith in JJ, though. Mission Impossible 3 and (early) Alias rocked the hizzouse.

Memory Alpha, essentially the Wiki for Star Trek. :slight_smile:

Dr. Piper.

Gary Mitchell was a friend of Kirk’s at the Academy, but it’s not clear that he and Kirk were together after that until the events of “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

Ah yes, the place I go any time I need to feel relatively cool. :slight_smile:

Apparently he and Kirk served together before either arrived on the Enterprise. In “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” Mitchell mentions that they were attacked by sentient rodent-like creatures which threw poisoned darts on a planet called Dimorus. Mitchell took a dart meant for Kirk and almost died.

Also, according to Memory Alpha, Kirk and Mitchell spent a memorable shore leave together on Deneb IV. Mitchell was able to carry on long telepathic conversations with the natives and scored more than 80% on comprehension.

Bruce Greenwood? Is he playing post accident Pike?

About 10 years ago Ray Lioitta would have made a great Pike.

I was going to bring up this same issue. In one early episode of Star Trek, we saw Mitchell and were told he had been Kirk’s closest friend for years. Then he was killed in that same episode.

And apparently a major discontinium in the time-space matrix sucked him almost entirely out of history. Mitchell was never mentioned again in the series or the movies. There was never a moment where Kirk reminisced about some good time he had with his old buddy or said how having his best friend die had made appreciate the fragility of life. And in all of the flashbacks in various fanfics, I’ve only seen one that ever used Mitchell as a character.

Greenwood is 51, Hunter was 38 when “The Cage” was filmed in November-December 1964.

I don’t think anyone in production cared all that much at the time, and certainly no one knew there was going to be an entire subculture of geekery that revolved around the minutiae of Star Trek. Gary Mitchell existed only to provide an “Adam” to the Doctor’s “Eve” in that episode (“Where No Man Has Gone Before”), which was the second pilot and was almost as significantly different from the rest of the series as “The Cage” was.

And Winona Ryder is playing Spock’s mom. This movie is going to suck so hard it will create its own black hole, destroying everything. Not even light will escape.

Winona Ryder, 36, is a two-time Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress.
So I ask, Malvert P. Redd, Guest, how you justify your negative prediction of a movie that hasn’t even been made?

But who’s playing Finnegan!?

If Ms. Ryder is playing Spock’s MilF, young JTK better put the moves on her.