Bruce Lee - Dead and Kicking

Sorry 'bout the pun.

Here’s what I’m talking about:



Well that made me feel really uncomfortable.


Gee! Why don’t they just use the incredible Bruce Li?

You know, this almost could be a good idea. Before you stone me, hear me out. Robert Mitchum’s lifelong dream its said was to play Hamlet and he never got the chance. The computer technology involved could allow that to happen. That, IMHO would be an acceptable use for this technology It would also be helpful if an actor dies in the middle of a production. Still, I think that this use is a particularly crappy application of the technology.

Linda and Shannon Lee should be smacked.

This is about as good an idea as Fred Astaire dancing with that vacuum cleaner.

Besides, no computer simulation could compare to Bruce.

I wonder what some of today’s actions heroes think of this? Like Jackie Chan, who I think knew Bruce.

I think it’s a terrible idea, and I won’t support it with my checkbook.

And Tuckerfan- if the actor is DEAD, and it’s a total computer simulation, IT AIN’T HIM. Robert Michum wouldn’t be playing Hamlet, Deep Blue would be.

No foolin’? I didn’t know. :wink: Seriously, though, that’s a better use of the technology than what they’re proposing to do with Bruce Lee or sticking Cher in Ingmar Bergman’s role in Casablanca (shudder)!

Oh no way. Are you serious about the Casablanca thing?

I’m going to go puke.

Sort of. Back when someone first conceived of this idea, Discover magazine did a piece on the whole idea with the editor saying that it was his fondest wish to be able to put Cher in Casablanca, as you can imagine the concept of that burned itself into my brain and, despite my best efforts to remove it, has stuck there ever since.

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Jackie was an extra in two of Bruce’s movies. First, in “Fist of Fury”. If you look carefully, you can see him sparring with a girl in front of the kung fu school. Jackie also was the stunt double for the main bad guy. When Bruce kicks the villain through the window at the end, you’re actually seeing Jackie Chan.

Jackie’s more visible in “Enter the Dragon”. He’s one of the guards who attacks Bruce one at a time in the underground lair. Bruce breaks his neck.

After Bruce died, Jackie was the “designated successor”, and made several deadly serious, good but ordinary kung fu movies. It wasn’t until he developed his own formula and added humor that he became the world’s biggest action star.

From the linked article.

As a fan, I’m offended by this. Bruce was not a kick-boxer. He used a highly modified form of Wing Chun kung fu. “The Big Boss” (Fists of Fury in the US) did indeed make him a cult hero. “Enter the Dragon” made him a mainstream legend. So much so that the legend outstrips his actual accomlishments. He made 3 1/2 movies, only two of which were any good (Enter the Dragon and Way of the Dragon).
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