Bruce Springstein and his wife?

I hear Springstein is performing (without the E Street Band) in an intimate setting of an audience of only 900 people. Supposedly, he is performing along with his wife, Patti. Excuse me, but since when does his wife have talent? Maybe some Bruce fans can explain the whole Bruce fascination to me. Half of his songs i give a high rating as “just ok”, at best…and the rest is crap… assuming you can get past his smoked-out voice. - Jinx

Far as I know, the wife was with the E Street Band before she was Mrs. Springsteen. That would imply only that she performed in his band before they were wed, not that she has any business performing with any band.

In any case, I’ll see if I can find out her deal tomorrow.

Patti has moderate talent, certainly no more then any other average person who can sing and can hold a guitar. All I know of her is what I saw/heard when I saw the whole band on tour in 2000. She seemed quite unnecessary then. But, perhaps it just wasn’t her bag. She may be quite talented, but didn’t show it then. I did feel a little like she had no business being on stage with the rest of the band.

And yes, Cosmo, she was a back-up singer with the band before they got married.

He’s doing two shows this week at the Somerville Theater near Boston, and that place probably holds about 900. Tickets are $100 and $500, and both shows are sold out.


Well, his name is “Bruce Springsteen,” his wife has been a singer in bands since the '70s, and she was a singer in his band for a good five years before they even became romantically involved with one another.

I won’t comment on your “review” of his music, since it is, well, not worthy of comment.

She can smack a tambourine as well as the next person. Not exactly the most skill-intensive instrument in the world, obviously.

I saw Bruce and the E Street band in 1999 or 2000, and they did an a cappela song. I was quite impressed with Patti’s vocals.