Brush with death... and it just keeps on getting better!


It’s been a… week. Wednesday (a week ago) o’ last week, I was busy teaching my musical theatre workshop kids (6-8 y.o.) all about being rabbits. They are my chorus of wild rabbits in The Velveteen Rabbit… so we brought in a real bunny for them to observe (one thing they found out is that rabbits don’t hop around like Bun-Bun on Speed - good lesson, that). Before class started, I ate a quick bite.

Our room is used as a cafeteria during the day. I must have picked up something from the table… maybe something peanutty…

Anyway - early into Priscilla-the-mini-lop’s visit, I started wheezing, coughing, and getting that “my throat is about to swell shut, now” feeling. Called lno, as to not freak out the kids (who were with another teacher, too, thank GOD) and we got my rear end to the Urgent Care clinic. They promptly tried to clear the lungs with albuterol, gave me some epinephrine (yeah, yeah, my Epipen was d.e.d. and I didn’t have it with me. Bad me.) and benadryl and then shipped me off to the ER.

Good news is, I survived. AND I have a new Epi-pen two-pack. Bad news is, it’s been a week, now, and I’m not back 100%. I bruised (probably cracked one) my ribs from coughing so hard for so long. So all in all, I’m not back to full strength, don’t have all my energy back, and I feel like ass. And I have to teach. I can’t even take a deep breath without hurting, and hell, if I try, I cough! AAAARGH!


Monday rolls around. I’m waiting for a student to come for a voice lesson… when Zap, my aussie girl, starts puking in the dog pen. I take a look. I see blood specks. “Great.” I think… then she pukes again. And again. Cranberry red.

Student arrives, I pack up my dog with them and off they take me to the vet. Run x-rays, bloodwork, try to figure out just what in HELL is wrong. No idea. That’s more frustrating than an obstruction… We give her subcutaneous fluids, some drugs, and keep an eye on her (so far, so good).

Now I’ve had two days of relative calm, but I’m totally waiting for the other shoe to drop. Wonder what today will bring? Maybe the storms will hit and flood the house. Yeah.

Wow, that sucks. But you probably brought it on yourself when you bit the rabbit. :wink:

But Rabbit is SO TASTY!

Of course I left out the TRUE PUZZLER of the whole adventure: I’m being wheeled out the critical care room at Urgent Care by the EMTs and the doc and nurses shout out “Good Luck!” And then the doc says, “Thanks for coming!”

… Thanks for coming?

“Thank you, come again.”

Wait a second, you ate in a room that is used for kids, and they allowed peanut butter in it? I thought peanut butter was ABSOLUTELY OUTLAWED for kids’ lunches?

I just hope you feel better, soon, Elenfair.

I think a lot of schools have a “peanut butter” room that some kids can eat in. The allergy kids have a separate lunchroom. In some districts, anyway.

In my daughters’ school district, they converted the teacher’s old smoking lounge into the Jif Zone.

I brush with Crest. You really should try that instead of using ‘Death’.

Definitely Crest. Avoid Petrodex Natural Toothpaste at all costs.

I brush with peanut butter.

Jeezopete, gal, you and Zap get better soon!

No smooches for you!

Peanut oil is fairly common in processed food, and it is not unusual for said oil to be present without adequate labeling.

Wow, scary story… I have an aspirin allergy, and carry around an Epipen, although I’ve never had to use one - knock wood…

Damn things expire really quickly too… Reminds me, mine are expired… Wonder if that means they’re useless, and I’m carrying “false peace of mind”…

Get well soon… I’m rooting for you!

Oh, I’m certain I’d get smooches. I bet Zap loves peanut butter. (howsabout an update on Zap?)

if I got smooches from you, Ino would hate me even more than he does because I always spell his name the same as a small town in Wisconsin.


Zap seems fine, actually. She’s being weaned off the chicken-and-rice mush I was making for her and back on her food now. Guess we’ll never know what happened.

And Zap DOES like peanut butter - but my dogs get soy butter in Kongs as to not kill me. So nyah.

They can still be used after they’ve expired, as long as the solution you can see through the clear plastic hasn’t turned pink(ish) yet, or picked up any other funny discoloration…

That said, you should restock. :slight_smile: