Brushes with Fame-Celebrity Encounters

Have any of you here ever met a celebrity?If so,please tell us about it.Any celebrity counts,so long as they’re famous enough that the average person has probably heard of them.

Why do you care about people who don’t care about you?

Excuse me?

I met Alan Hale Jr. (“The Skipper” from Gilligan’s Island). He was doing a promotion for Stroh’s beer at a local bar. He sat down and chatted with me and a buddy for a few minutes. Seemed like a genuinely nice fellow. I was sad when he died a few years later.

Very interesting.Thanks for sharing the story!

I met Jack Palance and Anthony Quinn years ago in a trattoria (casual restaurant) in Rome, Italy when they were there to do films. They were like ordinary guys, very relaxed and easy to talk with. Quinn clearly had a charisma, some sort of personal presence like you would not believe. He almost lit up the room with his laugh and his smile.

I grew up on a farm and we would regularly move cattle and sheep between fields and along roads, this was an operation utilising a small army of my relatives that would have done any general proud. Anyway as the livestock were moving along the main road the sideroads would be sealed off until they passed by someone standing on the sideroad and preventing traffic from coming out (by far the vast majority of people understood the reason for the delay, locals or not, though you did get the occassional person who objected to a few minutes delay).

I was fulfilling this important task when a small red Peugot car pulled up alongside me. I spoke to the driver and explained the delay, and he was happy enough. So I stood beside him for about five minutes, not speaking, until the cattle had passed then waved him on his way. I could see one of my cousins waving and gesturing frantically but didn’t know what the problem was, as soon as the way was clear he came running up, “That was Eddie Jordan!”

And he was right, it was Eddie Jordan, my cousin was a massive F1 fan and I was only really getting interested in the sport at this time (the mid 1990’s).

I’m not sure how famous Eddie Jordan would be to Americans but he’s fairly famous here.

So that’s my claim to fame, I stood beside a celebrity for five minutes and completely ignored him. :smiley:

I hit Captain Kangaroo in the head with a ping pong ball. Other then bumping into/knowing local celebrities* that’s about it off the top of my head.

Wait, my aunt babysat for Heather Graham until she was about 2 years old.

*I just realized that one of those local celebrities, while still very much a local person has been on the national stage, so to speak. If you’ve heard of Will Allen, he’s someone I’ve had more then a brush with. He’s been an acquaintance practically my whole life.


He was at a fund raiser that my mom was at (working the phone bank). For some reason I was there as well. I think my dad brought my brother and me up so we could see my mom and the inside of a TV studio. At some point the dumped a couple of boxes on ping pong balls on him and one rolled towards me. Naturally I tossed it right back at him…naturally it him right in the forehead about 5 seconds after all the other balls had fallen (and from a completely different angle since it didn’t come from above).

John Madden stopped into the gas station at which I worked and asked for directions to some golf course. I had no idea, unfortunately, but a customer did.

Christine Todd Whitman bought bread and milk from me at a different store, years ago, while she was Governor of NJ. Fun factoid : one of her security staff bought bad-ass mirrored sunglasses.


Hey,that’s pretty amazing-John Madden and Christine Whitman.Congratulations on that.

All right, you stay classy, San Diego.


One of the Iranian hostages lived on my paper route. Not that we interacted a lot, but he seemed to be a pretty decent guy.

No one would recognize his name now, of course.

…he said as he posted on an anonymous message board to no one in particular.

My family ran into Jonathan Winters at a restaurant when we went out to dinner many years ago. He turned out to be totally charming and spent quite a while telling us funny stories.

He lives in my town and I have run into him a few times. He is always friendly and hilarious. We love him here.

Does Chuck Norris count? I met him in the late 80’s outside a wax museum that just opened his “Delta Force” exhibit. Such a nice guy, and sincere thanks to the girl that told us where to wait to meet him. This was clearly before he was a meme.

Led Claypool, I almost knocked him down when turning a corner. All the members of Dream Theater, and Queensryche, separate shows. Donnie Iris, Foghat, members of Government Mule, Fishbone, G.W.A.R. and Iced Earth. I also met most of Lacuna Coil, and accidentally got a sig from Scott Ian from Anthrax. He signed the paper in my hand as we passed each other.

I met Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins, then met James Iha the next day at the show.

I saw John Astin (The original Gomez Addams) at the airport, as well as Toby Keith, but I didn’t actually meet them.

My Mom used to walk to school with Bill Murray and his sister, yes, THAT Bill Murray.

My dad went to prep school, and his roommate was Ric Flair, yes THAT Ric Flair.

I guess the closest contact was when I had lunch with Sybil Leek, her mother, and her astrologer. In Florida.

As I’m in Manhattan there a a lot of sightings or run intos at parties or in the street.

That reminds me of another one. The guitarist for Genesis, Daryl Stuermer, lives more or less across the street from my parent’s house. I used to walk to school with his daughter. By ‘with’ I mean, we walked to school at the same time. Not “Hey, wait up” with. We were a few years apart and 3 days after I graduated I couldn’t have picked her out of a crowd.